Blogtober Day 8 & 9: Social Me-dia & What Haley Wore

Yesterday was one of those days where standing up was a struggle. Hair up, glasses on, and I fell asleep in front of my laptop - mid-post. Adult nap time was needed. Therefore, a post was not made. I know, no excuses. This was your idea to blog everyday.  As you can probably tell, the voices in my head have high expectations and yet, love to sleep. Constant battle. Today is a new day -- let's begin, shall we?

October 8: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Social media hasn't changed me. It has altered my lifestyle completely. It may just be me and my social media obsessed universe but I can't go a conversation without talking or discussing something from social media. Most of my news, my ideas, and my friendships are shared on social media. I recently moved away from my friends and family. The majority of the ways I get in touch with them or keep up on life happens is through social media. I could go on and on but it might be rambling and you know how FUN that is? (Jokes.)

Blogging (consistently) is a new thing for me. I actually started this blog in my Sophomore year of college. It was called Poppie Cult -- A pop culture blog. I would talk about news and other pop culture type things. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find some of these posts... It became The Hemline last November. I enjoy Fashion -- talking about it, looking at it, studying it, giving advice on it. Friends constantly were asking for help picking out outfits, shopping and all that jazz. I decided let's marry my two favorite things: Fashion, and writing. As you can tell, The Hemline has evolved quite a bit since then. Yes, we still talk fashion on here, but we talk about a lot more too. Life is part of fashion so, obviously, we can talk about it. 

Blogging and Social Media have become major components in who I am and how I communicate. Crazy to think several years ago -- no one knew what Twitter was and I was that weird-o college freshman tweeting about her life. Still that weird-o, just with more followers...

October 9A self portrait

I figured What Haley Wore... would be a bit more exciting for all of you than a self portrait, which would be me on my phone drinking coffee. Still valid.

This is my Taylor Swift inspired look. Taylor has been seen where crew neck sweaters with different statements including a fox, a bottle of Chanel No 5 and, my personal favorite, is the sweater she wore in her 22 video. She usually wears skinny dark wash denim, oxfords and her briefcase bag slung off one shoulder. I did my very best to recreate the look...now I just need a record deal.
Sweater: Old Navy

I purchased this sweater in August. It is an understatement just how excited I was to wear it. To me, this sweater is perfect. It is super slouchy and long; a person could pair it with leggings, if they so wanted. I will (probably) stick with jeans. My bag is one I lusted over since I saw the online images of the 3.1 Phillip Lim line on Target.com so when it came into the store I HAD to snatch it up! The sides have zippers, as well, to add, what I'm calling, wings to the bag. The black and gold detailing goes with most of my outfits I wear on a regular basis. Plus it fits all my daily necessities like a planner, my book I'm currently reading, my glasses, wallet..the list goes on.

Sweater: Target Mossimo Black; Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

Last weekend was my College homecoming - first year as an Alumni! My bestie and I went to the parade -- this is our really cold faces with our coffees. 
Yours xx 

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