OOTD: Seamless Motion Capturing

Several weeks ago I met up with my friend Meagan, as you can see she is super talented behind the camera. She had an art project that needed completing for her photography class. The assignment was to do a shot all about capturing motion. She had to capture multiple images and combine them into one photo creating a seamless action shot. Naturally, it was a chance of severe thunderstorms and we went to a park surrounded by metal objects to get the shots we needed.
My outfit:
Denim shirt is from Forever 21. It has sporadic white letters (B, L, A). I wore a white pocket V-neck and my black Rockstar Old Navy jeans. My sunglasses are from Target and my lipstick, is well, this might shock you, Sephora Matte Lip Cream in 003 Strawberry Kiss.

I decided to be truly obnoxious with my facial expressions on the swing set. Guys, it takes a lot of guts to jump 6 inches from the ground off of a swing. As usually we had an absolutely hilarious time during the shoot, as after.
Yours xx


Essie Fall Collection (In MINI!)

In a recent trip to Ultra I found this adorable kit of 4 Essie polishes. They are all from their new fall collection and miniature sizes. First, what a brilliant idea by Essie. Not only do I get 4 new polishes, but I get 4 from the new collection and in mini size. For a nail polish addict, this is great. I will now spend my time (and money) on these 4 set collections.

 Second, what an array of perfect fall colors. They is a gray, a red (almost burgundy), a navy blue and a brown. I didn't think I would wear the brown at all, but I like it in an alternative to black for fall. You all know I'm a lover of gray and red polish. The blue is a bit of out of my nail color pallet but, is very pretty for a little something different.

I only used 1 coat and the color is not opaque at all! One coat, top coat and you are done. Very great for quick color changes that I tend to do. Just another great collection from Essie -- what more can you say!

Yours xx


OOTD: Getting my Indiana Jones On

My best friend and her husband (whoa, that was a weird to type...) visited my lovely city several weekends ago. We had a blast shopping, exploring the city, and just being around each other. I forget just how awesome these people are and then I spend about 30 minutes with them and yep, my friends rock.

I did some outfit pictures and purchased a little something that I have completely fallen in love with...a hat. Yeah, I bought a hat; more specifically, I bought a burgundy wide brimmed hat. I looked a little like Indian Jones and Carmen San Diego but, nope, don't care.

I bought it AFTER I thought my outfit was completed. Granted, I liked my outfit without the hat, but I couldn't resist.

I hope you all are enjoying September as much as I am.

The boots are from Target. I purchased them last year after falling in love with $500 Ash boots. Yeah, this is a close as I am going to get to those for quite sometime. Also, I made a cheeky little jewelry purchase... Alex and Anil Phoenix Wrap in gold. It has a bit of meaning behind it...maybe I will share in a later post. My trusty Old Navy Rockstar jeans in black, a dark green tee shirt, and statement necklace that reminded me a lot of a darker opal.
I tried parting my hair different (read: butt part). Can't decide if I like it or not, let me know what ya think, ay?
Bestie's Hubby was doing a bit of playing with my camera while we were in the coffee drive-thru.

Aren't they cauuuute!?

We spent majority of the day laughing!


Yours xx


The Giver: A Review

It has been about 10 years, I was an 8th grader, since I have read The Giver. I vaguely remember loving it, and when I heard it was going to be a movie, I was pretty pumped.

I went to the film last week and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. Jeff Bridges was the perfect Giver. Cool uncle Jeff rocked it OUT! Meryl Streep was incredible and the actor, Brenton Thwaites, was a great Jonas. So, obviously, casting was outstanding.

The Giver (2014)The Giver (2014)

The visuals were stunning. I enjoyed that Jonas was getting the memory of color and emotion, the movie would change from black-and-white to color. It was a visual representation of the transition into Jonas' rebellion. I smiled when the memory of color The Giver gives to Jonas was that of a sunset on the ocean. I thought it was beautiful.

I do have a slight issue... When the action got "intense", the camera got a bouncing. It was too bouncy for my preference and could've shown the emotion/intensity without it.

The movie did an excellent job of portraying emotions with frequent flashes of memories, use of color, the concept of losing emotion all together. I left the theater believing in the necessity of feeling all emotions, and relieved that I could. A thought-provoking movie that I am glad I saw, no matter how hesitant I am of those book-movie movies.

Yours xx


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