Blogtober Day 11: The Best Memory

October 11A memory you would love to relive. 
October 12Only photos

Wow. This one is tough. (Sarcasm.) The best way for me to "relive" it is to share pictures with you.

I swear I've talked about this trip to England about 12 times on my blog thus far. I would love to relive every single moment of this trip. It was perfection. 

Today (and tomorrow's) posts will consist of pictures. Today's post is majority of pictures from London. Tomorrow will be all dedicated to the "Literary" portion of the trip with Jane Austen and Harry Potter. Ah, trips down memory lane. Enjoy my amigos. (And I promise to not talk about this anymore....lies.)



Buckingham Palace Gates

There was a crowd of people watching (judging) me do this... Do I care? Nope. I'm off to Hogwarts.

Tower Bridge

Fish and Chips

Cannot remember what this is...Anyone?!

Actually taken on the last day/night of our trip.

Ya know, typical tourist-y type things.

Abbey Road

St. Paul's Cathedral .. I climbed thousands of stairs to the top of that sucker. 

Paddington Bear

Paddington Station .. This was our first stop off the plane. The first sunrise caught on camera.

That one picture of Big Ben you all have seen a thousand times...

One of the four Lions at Trafalgar

Trafalgar's Square Fountain


Here are a few of the travelers!

The Queen is in!

Queen Victoria Statue

Yours xx

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