Fashion Friday: February 22, 2013

If fashion is the armor to survive everyday life then the accessories to any outfit are the swords used to slay each day. And this week's Fashion Friday is entirely dedication to them!

Turquoise and Gold. I love the larger beaded necklace paired with the two simple gold  necklaces. I like the layered necklace look!

How fun are these kicks! 

Oh I'm sure this has something to do with accessories or it is just a cute baby in a penguin costume.
This week was long. Me several times this week after waking up! Biiiiig Lion Yawn!

Oh how I wish my closet looked like this!

Rose Gold watch. Perfect for any occasion and outfit!

Neat re-purposed earring holder!

I love her bracelets! Love the layered look!
I am obsessed with this Celine bag!

Really like it in Black and White!

My birthday is coming up soon. Anyone??

Polka dots and simple black and white bracelets. Adorable!
See you tomorrow!! :)

Yours xx


Fashion Friday: February 15, 2013

This Fashion Friday is short and simple, and less about fashion and more about choices. This video is supposed to get you thinking about life and choices. It is an interesting idea to think about what you would do if money wasn't a consideration. For me, I would like to see the world and write all about my experiences with the awesome people I would meet and the cultures I'd encounter.

Happy Friday everyone!
I hope you found this video as thought provoking as I did! Cheers!

Yours x


A Day for Fashion Lovers

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today is a day dedicated to love, so I'm posting outfits I love (and maybe they would be great if you had plans for tonight??) plus, my interpretation of an outfit I posted last Fashion Friday and obviously, L-O-V-E!

I'm loving this sparkly, champagne boutique dress! I've added teardrop earrings to dress it up, but it can be easily paired with a denim jacket to keep it casual.

Dress: Boutique find
Earrings: Target

 I'm obsessed with this print. I did buy this dress during summertime, scored it on clearance (WOO!), but added a denim jackets and gold earrings. I'd call it a hit for any occasion!

Last week for Fashion Friday I posted this picture. I love the all black clothing with a colorful statement scarf. I loved it so much I thought what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day by interpreting an outfit I loved with items I own, and love. WOO, love.

Sooooo, I grabbed my black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, my favorite boots, and my Valentine's scarf. I think it turned out pretty great if you ask me!

Have a great holiday everyone! Happy Valentine's! Oh and don't forget to love yourself today too!

Yours x


Fashion Friday: February 8th, 2013

(FYI So far, every week that I've typed out the year I've typed last year..whoops. Good thing I proofread, ay?)

Happy Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week everyone. NYC is currently suffering through quite the snow storm, which I can relate to because SD is too! Enough with the snow, let's go ahead and kick off our Friday with a bit of inspiration that I have on my wallpaper of my desktop that I read and think about every day as I do that last mirror check before taking on the day.

“Dress how you feel and love what you wear, because at the end of the day you have got to wear and feel great in it. Great style isn't about looking picture perfect all the time. You wear your clothes. Your clothes should never wear you.” --Kelly Osbourne

Along with the quote, I'd like you to check this out. Kelly Osbourne has her own style, regardless of if I like it or consider her my style icon, I am enviable of her ability to identify something that she is particularly inspired by and stick to being herself, no matter the circumstance. 

Now, images and videos! 

Step one...

Good LBD. Love LOVE the embellishment!

I like the all black with an accent scarf!

I call this "Fox on the Run."

Real fear, people.
Scale of 1-10: How much do I want this shirt? 10. 10. 10! 

I'd like to introduce you all to Little Mix. Watch the video below then go download their US single "Wings." Four girls, strong individual styles yet, all complementary of each other.

Yours x
Oh and Happy Grammy Weekend! 


Procrastination Kills

Today, procrastination kills. My procrastination, I find, is always displaced avoidance of my list of tasks (ie writing my thesis, reading my five chapters of homework, tightening up the resume, etc). In my avoidance, I found an article, well, it is actually a transcript of a speech, that could not be ignored. The first people (besides my Twitter followers) that I needed to share it with was you, my readers. I hope you find it as thought-rattling as I did. Don't work. Be hated. Love someone.

This quote goes quite well with the article, in my opinion.

Another article I read I found quite clever and an interesting way to define identity: Font And You: The Style Memoir.

And, because I love the HBO series "Girls (Lena Dunham knows my life..) and "Mean Girls" and I'm a 20-something I LOL'd at this. (Yeeaaah, I just said LOL. Shame). What It's Like to Be A 20-Something

Thank you for reading and participating in the act of Procrastination. Now, go do whatever it is you need to do! I might be sharing a Fashion obsession soon, so be on the lookout.

Yours x


Fashion Friday: February 1st, 2013

For the first Fashion Friday of February (hey, look, alliteration! Man, I love February!) I am challenging myself to living out the inspirations. Sometimes I find myself searching for inspiration from other that I forget how I can inspire myself. For this FF, and all of February, I'm going to challenge myself and maybe you (if you're up for it), to stop, breath, relax and find some inspiration within.

Oh and you really thought I'd get through a Fashion Friday without an image or two? C'mon now.

"Style is forever. "
Others don't have to know your style, you do. 

Gotta love a little Shakespeare humor!

I need this shirt.

Stunning back!

Paisley Loafers! Too bad they don't work with snow!

Wonder Women in the winter?


I hope you took 3 minutes to watch the Kid President Pep Talk!  


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