Today is about thankfulness.

Thankful for the small moments like this that happen and the perfect fall tree - so pay attention. 

I'm thankful for my family. My mom for being my best friend; my dad for being my confidant and inspiration; my brother for being my personal superhero and the only one to make me laugh without trying. My family for their unconditional love, support, and for being the best people to have in my corner. 

Thankful for God who formed this place that is full of life, love, and even the worst thing, death. Without him, I would not be blessed with all these "things." Thankful to live in a place that has four seasons with the wind, rain, sunshine, sleet, and snow...sometimes all in one day. It is a great place to grow up. 

Thankful for my brain for challenging every day ideals, thoughts and running my life to success it is, thus far. My emotions -- the ups and the downs, the happys and the sads, the goods and the bads -- because combined, they have created me. Thankful for choice. It runs my life, allowing me to make my own mistakes and celebrate my wins.
Thankful for my friends for laughing at my jokes, listening to me talk nonsense and always being up for an adventure. Thankful for the people who suck. They have shown me who I don't want to be. The same for the people who rock. They have shown me the power one person can have.
Thankful for Google. It has the answers for even the stupidest of questions. My phone, tablet, and Internet connection for keeping me close to those I love when I am miles from them. My Keurig for warming the water that makes my tea that warms my soul. Thankful for music for silencing my terrible singing voice and allowing my kick ass rhythm to dance and jam. Thankful for the brave, genuine, creative and intelligent authors that pen books, novels, short stories, and poems for my enjoyment. 
Oh and my eyes  -- I really like them.
 And I'm thankful for you for reading this.  You're beautiful.
What are you thankful for?
See you tomorrow!
Yours xx


Sephora, BBW & Ulta Collective Haul


I am a consumer. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, a sale, and beauty products. I'm also a curious bee, and like to see what people have in their shopping bags so, I assume most people are like me and want to see what I have purchased in the last two months.

This is quite an accomplishment for me. All the items pictured were on sale, free, or with coupon/discount. I have become a coupon lady. I'm serious. I don't like to buy things unless they are on sale. Anyone have coupon tips? I'm a newbie and want to save all the money I can in the upcoming months -- big adult life plans and all that jazz.

First tip on saving money: Spend less time at Sephora, and Bath and Body Works. Yeah, that might be a good place to start....

Hope your Monday was easier than mine. I don't bounce back from a Gypsy weekend like I used too. That, or the 5am start time this morning is what hurts. (Thank god for naps.)

See you tomorrow!
Yours xx


Fashion Friday: Overdress

I have always been the girl in jeans; never in sweatpants. I was fashionably repressed by school uniforms from 1st grade until senior year of high school. When there was an opportunity to wear something other than those navy slacks and my blue polo, I took it. Never dress down, always over dress. This was a tactic in style and fashion I learned very young and has stuck with me. I live in a place where this is not the norm. It is completely acceptable to go out in sweatpants, no makeup and poke fun at the woman dressed to the 9s. I have been that girl in sweats and it was one of the most uncomfortable situations I can remember. Jeans are my sweats.

I enjoy spending time on my hair and makeup. I enjoy dressing up to go to the grocery store or out to dinner. Nothing beats it. Make the occasion and dress for yourself. Every day is an occasion – dress for it! There are holidays, parties, concerts and weddings, but what if you want to wear your red shoes and red lipstick on a Tuesday? I say, why the hell not.

See you tomorrow.

Yours xx



The first step to overcoming an addict is admittance: I admit I am addicted to Instagram. I spend hours trolling through feeds and suddenly find myself liking images from people that live on the other side of the world and have 6 cats. Yeah, this is my life. #nofilter

When one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, started #radicalselflovejuly, a month long Instagram photo-a-day challenge, I was all amped up on Mountain Dew to play along. I never imagined I would be one of THOSE people who participated in an Insta-challenge. Initially I find them full repetitive posts such as selfie, #tbt, your dinner; posts not involving a huge amount of creativity, consistency and, honestly, sense of community. #RadicalSelfLoveJuly was a different story. It was filled to the brim with love, creative images and belonging. I found some pretty sensational ladies on the last adventure. So, I just knew that when Gala started another challenge for October, tagged #lovetober, I would be an enthusiastic participant.

Starting yesterday with Flower Power and ending on the 31st with Halloween! I would definitely recommend joining me, and the other fine ladies, on this, bound to be fabulous, journey. And, yes, I’m blogging every day in October as well as posting every day on Instagram. If you didn’t know me by now, October is sure going to inform ya!

See you tomorrow.

Yours xx


Something about October

There really is just something about October. It is the calm before the Holiday storm. The time of year when pumpkin patches can be found on highway roads. Autumnal colors of burnt orange, red, and yellow blend together in the canopy of trees on your street. Summer waves good-bye and winter wiggles in quicker with each passing weekend. I spend humid August and September afternoons lusting after overcast, breezy October evenings. My favorite color is October. There is nothing particularly exciting about October in my planner. No major holidays spread throughout it, no vacations planned, no pressing appointments – just another month in the turn of 2014. This is why I’m blogging my month of October.

 I am going to be blogging every day. I did this last year with Blogtober. Previously Blogtober focused on prompts but, this year I am just going to let the writing spirits take control. I’ll share everything from “Life Lately..” to product reviews, #ootds, and all the goodies you’re used to finding on here. Thank you for letting me have this little corner, erm, more like the edge you fold over to hold your place to answer a question asked to you while reading a novel (…sorry, I digress), to share my October with you.
See you tomorrow.
Yours xx


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