Blogtober Day 7: Shopping Splurge

I knew it would eventually happen. I feel lack luster about today's prompt and writing but I committed.

October 7: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

So, honestly, I don't really online shop. I mostly online creep. My favorite stores to shop in are Target, Gap and Old Navy. (Still on that poor college kid budget...Gap is a splurge!)


Most of my outfit inspiration or desires come from... where else? ...Pinterest. I love to explore Anthropolgie (outside of my budget) and I do spend quite a bit of time on Forever 21. Also the #ootd tag on Instagram is a personal favorite. I like to be inspired, search my wardrobe to re-create looks. 

Super cute skirt! Anthropologie - seeing lots of scarf prints for the fall transition, and love it!

Like I said, not a big online shopper. However, I like to be able to catch inspiration at any moment of the day. 

Yours xx 

PS In honor of the first snow storm of the year, I will share a poem I wrote during our last snow storm from winter...from April. Don't you just love South Dakota weather??

South Dakota, April Eighth

Slickery sleet
Slithers like Snakes
Seep in cement cracks
Snickers at your stylish shoes
Sounds of snow sink your hopes
Spring’s loss to the second set of storms

Sinks your souls to sudden sadness

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