Blogtober Day 12: Literary Tour of England

October 11A memory you would love to relive. 
October 12Only photos

Day 12, as promised on Day 11, is a collection of photos from my trip to England. This day is more focused on the "Literary" portion.

I a ridiculous amount of photos from this trip. These are the major (relative) Literary highlights.

Jane's Writing desk *breathes into paper bag*

Where is got reallllly creepy -- The view outside her bedroom....

Weary Travelers :D

The cute (very British) sign in front of that tree.

I was a bit late for my Quidditch lesson from Oliver Wood.

This did not happen. It is an illusion.

Bronte Parsonage

Lawn Library! How cool!

Inside the Globe Theater on our last night before returning to the States.

Yours xx

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