Blogtober Day 30: On the Eve of All Hallow's Eve

One day before Halloween and this year is kind of the first year I will not be celebrating in the fashion that I've done in the last years .. do some ridiculous (read: funny) costume and head out to a party. I will be headed to work to close but, we will still celebrate! I find Halloween to be an awesome holiday. I don't care to be scared, or even eat candy until my teeth rot. I like Halloween because it is a holiday and I love any reason to celebrate!

I have fantastic Halloween memories. I was a Spider Witch in 5th grade for my last year of trick-or-treating. I had a black web cape, a long black wig that I put spider in, my face painted and black high boots. It was very spooky. In contrast, my junior year of college I went as a Movie Theater Floor. I took a black tshirt and glued popcorn, candy, wrappers, and movie stubs to my shirt. It was clever, for sure. Lots of people were highly confused as to what I was... (perfect).

Obviously, I have had great costumes for Halloween. Do you have any favorites??

Yours xx

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