Travel Time

First, I apologize for my lack of posts. It's break, people.

Second, my newest post involves travel. Tomorrow morning I'm going to hop on a plane and visit a friend. I put together a fairly awesome traveling outfit so I thought I would share.
Demin Shirt: Target
Scarf: A Fantastic Gift
Pants: Sears
Shoes: Target

And, third, of course I will share my outfits with you when I return and, of course, I will share all my shopping purchases with you all because I love and adore you.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Holiday Party Fashion

Each semester my school, Northern State, (GO WOLVES!), hosts a Jazz Swing Dance as a fundraiser for their Fine Arts scholarships. It is a great reason to support my friends and, well, to get dressed up and dance to jazz music.

Here's my outfit of choice (I wore it with black leggings)! It was perfect for the occasion  but also for any holiday party! Very fun, flirty, and best of all, swingy!

Dress: Short-Sleeve Ponte Dress
Oh and if you are in the Aberdeen area, don't forget to pick up the latest issue of A-Town Magazine for more holiday fashion tips and tricks.

  Accessories: Cream Stretch Pearl       Bracelet
  Cream Stud Pearl Earring

 Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless (Sorry! Couldn't find an online link!)


Bhopal Fashion: Fashion with a Statement

Last year, my Facebook friend, Caitlyn, created t-shirts in support of relief for the Bhopal disaster. This was, honestly, the first I had heard of the disaster. I did a bit of research; realized the horror and tragedy that took place and did my best to support Caitlyn's efforts. I purchased  the recycled statement t-shirt her and her group had created. 

Today, she posted this onto Facebook:

"The night of December 2-3rd marks the 28th anniversary of the ongoing industrial disaster in Bhopal, India.

That's 28 years of suffering the inter-generational effects of toxic gas exposure. 28 years of drinking poisoned, contaminated water. 28 years of living in fear, wondering if your children will be born with mental or physical birth defects. 28 years of being denied justice.

Please take a moment to reflect on Bhopal's struggle and the world we all live in--a world in which multinational corporations can get away killing 25,000 people and leaving 100,000 more suffering from a toxic mess they refuse to clean up.

Bhopal may be on the other side of the globe to many of you, but their struggle for justice and corporate accountability is just as relevant. We all live in Bhopal"

To learn more about the Bhopal disaster, visit www.bhopal.org.

So in honor of this day, I've created my Fashion with a Statement outfit.

Jacket: Military inspired; Forest Green ($21.00 Thrifted)

Pants: Super Soft Super Stretch Jean Legging - Black

Boots: Mossimo Supply Co. Jane Cowboy Ankle Boot - Black

Inspired? What's your use of Fashion with a Statement?


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