Fashion Friday: March 29, 2013

The reality is I have no idea what I'm doing. I've got no idea what I'm doing, regardless of how much I plan or organized. Not knowing what I'm doing, I've discovered is how most everyone feels. If you are one of the lucky ones who know exactly what you are doing each and everyday: Congratulations. (I genuinely mean that.) 

For a long while, especially this year, this unknowing-ness really really freaked me out. But, oddly, this blog, and my creative writing class which requires me to journal, has been my saving grace. I've had to actually sit down and write, unflinchingly,  twice a week. I've learned more things about myself than I actually knew was all up in my mess of a brain. So, regardless if anyone is actually reading this and relating, even just a little bit, I just want to say: Thank you and you are not alone.

Now, enjoy!!
That, my friends, is a two story closet. I approve!

Suit & Tie... Also, if you haven't purchased (read: heard) JT's new album....get on it!
The Voice by Shel Silverstein

Courtney Martin..  Oh and I've been reading  Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.. (Probabaly, most definitiely, a March Favorite Read!)

Ohhh summer.. Please, please, hurry!

I love this color combo! So bright!!

Floral shorts? Juries still out on this trend...

This is like fall and spring combined...mostly fall...which I, of course, adore.
I LOVE this Tiffany Blue Trench. 

If you don't know who Cara Delevingne is, you might be living under a rock...  
She's Vogue's Model of the Year... 

and just awesome, in general. 


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Fight for Spring

My excuse for missing last Fashion Friday: I was traveling and, of course, shopping!! A huge haul from Forever 21 happened that I, of course, will share with you.

In light of that, I will share with you these Throwback Thursday gems with you.

From dishes to T.V. relaxing, the use of stripes and polka dots accurately accessorized with the pink baseball cap made for an excellent day around the house. And yes, that is a peplum top. I was quite the fashionista at a young age, which is particularly evident by the next two photos.

 Nothing says fashion like a Pochantas shirt and sneaks or a button-up denim skirt with a tucked in oxford decorated with mini-horse. And those socks... c'mon...
beautiful. And if you really want to do this look now, here's the links you'll need: Pochantas Tee & Denim skirt.

The title of this post is not Throwback Thursday so let's get down to business...

Spring has (slightly) sprung. Earlier this week I did my best to encourage it! I wore this red flower button up (found here) which I opted to wear straight, no tie. And accessorized this green bib necklace that reminded me so much of leaves for the flowers (found here). Now seeing as it was not actually spring, I did wear plain skinny jeans and black leather jacket.

I hope you all have had a lovely week and I'll see you tomorrow!

Yours xx


Fashion Friday: March 15, 2013

Does anyone have the time?

Besides all of these gorgeous (and quirky) watches,I mean, really: Does anyone have the time? I heard recently that what you do in your free time, or leisure time, can be what defines you. I think what you make time for in your life, both positive and negative things, define you. Allowing a negative thought take up space in your mind can define how you are. Why do we allow negative thoughts the staying power they have?  And in the opposite way, why is a positive thought just a fleeting memory? Allow yourself only positive thoughts and time for things that only create a better YOU! Because that's what life is all about, right? Creating the best you.

Don't forget to enjoy yourself, wear floral shoes, a smile and a glass of champagne. Oh, and stop and smell the flowers! (Thanks, Mariah for the birthday flowers!)

Yours xx


February Favorites

I'm a curious little bee. I want to know what everyone is loving whether it be beauty products, body care, books, or even movies. Inspired by my curiosity I thought I might jump on the monthly favorites bandwagon. (Yes, there is a bandwagon.) I figured I'd share with all of you, at the beginning of each month, what I consider to be my favorite things. So without further ado...cue music.

Beauty Products & Body Care Favorites:

I've been loving my Maybelline Baby Lips in Coral Crush and Pink Punch. It is super moisturizing as well as adding a hint of color to my lips. It is a perfect every day basic balm.

My February Favorite as far as nail polish goes has to be Play Date from Essie. It is a lavender color so it is very spring time and very Easter appropriate. Plus, for me, Essie color always seems to last quite a long time on my nails.

Body Care Favorites consist of a hand cream that I've been loving for quite sometime. The True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere and Silk Hand Cream is like a dream for my hands. It does exactly what the back of the bottle says (no lies here): "Wrap Your Hands in Cashmere and Silk." Plus, it seems like vanilla!

This next product I picked up on a whim one day: Boots Brazil Nut Body Butter. Now, I'm not usually a big fan of body butter, the idea of thick, cake-y cream just gives me the shivers, but this product is nothing like that! It is very moisturizing, as expected, but doesn't seem like you're "frosting" yourself. My skin has become super soft and smooth since using this. Which has been great during this loving spring SD weather (sarcasm). And this particular scent is a combination of almond-hazelnut-vanilla; it is intoxicating.

Music Favorites:

I have narrowed my choices down to three, which is fairly impressive since I've been obsessed with a lot of music in the past month. (Warning: My musical taste is varied and not for everyone)

Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack". Don't lie you've sang it in your car...

Fall Out Boy "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)" I think I'm a professional air guitar drumming extraordinaire when this songs comes on. Plus, it's Fall Out Boy. You know I'm stoked for their new album.

Bernhoft "C'mon Talk" This one I can't actually take too much credit for. It was introduced to me by a friend. Obsessed doesn't even accurately describe how I feel about this song. 

Oh what am I saying...here's one more: 

Allen Stone "Sleep"

Book & Movies Favorites

This one of going to be a lengthy one this time due to Spring Break allowing me actual leisure reading time! 

If you have yet to read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green stop whatever you had planned for today, go get this book, grab the Kleenex and READ IT. Serious. I've read it twice since purchasing it and the second time I took a highlighter to it because I loved it THAT much. 

The other recommendation I talked about in the Fashion Friday of last week so check that out here. As far as another read, I'd say "Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal" by Chris Colfer should not go unnoticed. It reads like you're having a conversation with your snarky, although lovable, best friend. 

And finally, whether it comes into your life in book or movie form, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" forever changed everything for me. It is a real, brave and honest look at, not just high school, but friendship, love and being a teenager. 

Thanks for reading! Yours xx

PS: Starbucks drink of the month for Haley: Direct tie between Green Tea Frapp and Iced Chai Tea Latte. 

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchase with my own money and all opinions are mine. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're pretty.


Fashion Friday: March 8th, 2013

Hello fashionable friends!

First, I'd like to recommend a book. (Yeah, I know very shocking as a book nerd I'm recommending a book.) I'm loving reading Nina Garcia's "The Little Black Book of Style." It was released in 2007 so obviously you can get it quite cheap on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which I did. Let's just say you won't regret this purchase if you are the least bit obsessed with a) Project Runway b) Nina Garcia or c) fashion. Her author's note alone is reason to read it. Plus, throughout the book, as well as giving great advice on Inspirations, Being Your own Muse, and What to Wear When...., there are strategically placed gems of knowledge or inspiration from the Fashion greats! So, after you're done reading this go to your bookstore and get it. You can thank me later.

Yours xx


TEDtalks: Susan Cain "The Power of Introverts"

Found myself on TEDtalks again this morning....

Susan Cain discusses the power of introverts, and as someone who identifies as an ambivert (or both extroverted and introverted), I found this to be a great discussion on why the world, and I, need both to survive. . Oh and if you want to she has an informal quiz to "figure out" what you could identify as which I've linked here and her talk is below. 

Your ambivert xx


March Issue of A-Town Magazine: It's Black & White

The March issue of A-Town Magazine is now available at all Aberdeen locations, plus online (Helllloooo Digital Issue)!

This month I've created several black and white looks with a bit of a twist and a pop of color! 

I got my issue from Red Rooster Coffeehouse and you all know I had to try one of the new specialty drinks to go with it! 

Yours xx


Fashion Friday: March 1st, 2013

Spring Break is finally here. Time to dig out those "nice" sweatpants and baggy tee's to spend a week as a hermit with my to-read books and Netflix instant queue. Wait, what am I saying!? Winter has officially taken over my head. TIME FOR SPRING CLOTHES! Whip out those skirts, bright patterns, dresses and flippy floppies!

Well, some of us, aka me, are stuck in the Winter but what a better way to celebrate Spring Break then with Fashion Friday.

Oh and Happy March! The month of National Reading Celebrations, College basketball Madness, Irish celebrations and most important, my birthday. (Okay, not most important but still, pretty big dealio.)

I hope you all are lusting after all of these images a much as I was when I found them! I especially love the ease that each of these images has in their own way! Each brings out an individual style that I love and can identify with. Gosh, I can't wait for summer! 

Yours xx

(PS I've got lots of things I've been wanting to share with all of you and now, I've finally got some time! Yay! So be on the look out!)


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