Life When You're Single

I'm two glasses of wine in on a Friday night and I might regret posting this is in AM, but, YOLO.

*raises glass*


Summer Book Haul

I went to a little place named "Barnes and Noble" where my people are called regularly to spend a ridiculous amount of money on books they absolutely need.

Let me know if you have read any of these books, have feelings on them in general and/or would like to see a review on it.

Yours xx


Summertime Skincare

Summertime skincare is all about convenience and moisture. I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup during the summer - mostly BB cream, eyeliner and mascara- but what I do wear I want to remove quickly and without drying out my skin.
 Enter Bosica Make-up-Break-up Cool Cleansing Oil. It is refreshing; there is a bit of a cushioning effect that doesn't tug onto the skin. My makeup breaks down and makes me look a bit like the Joker but, hey, it gets it off.
Next I use the Bosica Clear Complexion Tonic. Spray it on and poof, toned skin is pampered and doesn't irritate my skin. Mostly my skin just feels clean!!
Add in my favorite moisturizer in Clinique Moisture Surge and my standard Origins GinZing Eye Cream and I, and my skin, is a happy camper.
Yours xx



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