Blogtober Day 17: The Moment My World Crumbled

You may have noticed I skipped the "Write a review" but I'm saving it. So, today...

October 17: Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made.

Luckily, I can only recall little, itty-bitty baby-like mistakes. 'm a big rule follower and get very uncomfortable about breaking the rules.

But, ahem, of course I make mistakes. This is a screw up that is particularly embarrassing as well as funny.

This song played constantly on the radio during middle school and I would loudly sing this song every time. Whether at the pool or in my room, I pretended I was in a music video singing to my imaginary man at the fountain (I hope you watched the video...). 

One time, in the car with my mom and my friend Annie, the song came on and Annie and I both started singing. All was well until we go to the refrain. See, I sang this:

I try to say goodbye and I choke/Try to walk away and I stumble/Though I try to hid it, it's clear/I blow bubbles when you are not near.

Whoopsie. Not the lyrics. Imagine the shame and embarrassment of this mistake. So confidently for months now I had been singing the wrong lyrics. Then, my mind immediately lists all the people that had heard me sing the wrong lyrices and shame falls on me!

I feel like I'm one of those people that lives their life trying very hard to not make mistakes -- or I make light of them. The mistakes that I have made constantly make me a better person and teach me invaluable lessons. So, I guess mistakes aren't so bad..until the privilege to make them becomes abused.

Anyone got a mistake worth sharing?? Painful and embarrassing as mine? 

Yours xx

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