Blogtober Day 10: A Love Letter

October 10Write a public love letter to someone in your life. (It doesn't necessarily need to be romantic.)

Welcome to my public love letters to the things, past, present, future...human or not, that I wanted to write a love letter to that has been spiced up with New Girl gifs because I'm obsessed. 

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18 Ways "New Girl" Makes Your Late Twenties Bearable 

Dear Bed, you are the best thing about my day. So squishy and comfy.

Dear Alarm Clock, I have nothing nice to say to you.

How's your day going?

Dear Bestie, First, I can't wait to celebrate the day that you change your last name. Just can't. I'm so glad that in this crazy universe, you found someone as awesome as you are. (Good thing he didn't see that neon phase! Am I right??)

The 27 Most Relatable Jessica Day Quotes
Jokes! :D
The 27 Most Relatable Jessica Day Quotes

Second, thank you for being there to watch me struggle, succeed, and be mediocre too. I could not have survived college (or adult life) without you.

18 Ways "New Girl" Makes Your Late Twenties Bearable

Dear (Future) Puppy, I hope you know that I still working on caring for myself right now. I know, I know. You want me to get it together so we can meet. I get it. I've got a lot more things to work on before I will be ready for you, Neville (that's your name, BTW), but you can bet I will be the best damn owner. We will go on long walks. We will play fetch until you don't want to anymore. You will be well fed and cared for. No worries.

Dear Mom and Dad (and Michael), I really have no way to articulate just how much I love you. *virtual hug*

18 Ways "New Girl" Makes Your Late Twenties Bearable
How to make yourself happy -- think happy things

Dear Autumn, I want you to know that winter is coming. You won't be with me much longer. I am going to miss you very much. But, I will be waiting (quite impatiently) for your return.

Dear Reader, Thank you.

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Yours xx

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My life plan... ;P

PS More gifs here and here and here...oh and once more.

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