Makeup MAYhem: Memorial Day Weekend

I went home for the weekend of Memorial Day and had too much fun! I spent the weekend with my closest friends preparing for her big day. Also, I spent the weekend with my mother and father remembering just how much I am like them, miss them, and love them. I took a couple (literally a couple) of photos because I was having too much fun to whip out my camera and document. Does anyone else ever do that? Too much fun = not enough time to take a photo. But, sometimes the fun is just few and far between that you HAVE to do something to keep you awake? That was me on the drive back to my place. Hence, the from the car photos...

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and that you are still recovering on Thursday, like me.


Makeup MAYhem: What's in my Bag?

I had an Ally Sheedy Breakfast Club moment today...

Found via tumblr
 It is finally time for me to do a "What's in my Bag?" post...
The Bag: Fossil's Erin Satchel (A gift from my parents for my 23rd birthday)

The Essentials: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, Aquaphor and chapstick, gum and Evian facial spray. I like the facial spray for that mid-day pick me up for my face and makeup. Just makes me feel a lot better -- its like retouching your lipstick to me!!

The Wallet was also a gift for my 23rd birthday. I love it because I can use it as a wristlet and a wallet. Oh and my iPhone 5s. 

I'm a pouch person -- I don't like it when items float about my bag with no place so I have this little pouches (both are like free gift with purchase pouches..).

My freshen up pouch has a mini kabuki brush, hand cream, eye drops, Colgate wisps, more gum and perfume roller ball.

Ah, the emergency pouch. Because you just never know.

My sunnies case is from Kate Spade but my glasses are from Target. I love the eyes at the bottom of the case. Super cute!! My glasses so that I can see. Duh.

Behold, my planner, and a loooot of pens.. I always leave them in my pockets from work and they end up in my purse.

Pretty impressed with myself that I only had 4 lip products. The Stila lip glaze is a bag staple for me and the others are different lip colors I have worn this week.

Yes, I have a lot of stuff in my purse. But not a lot of wrappers, or papers or other garbage like things. I like to keep it as clean as possible so that I can find what I need in a pinch. Sometimes, especially when I'm traveling I tend to care a bit more things in the pouches but right now, they just have my every week essentials.
What kind of things do you have in your bag? Any bag staples?
Hope you enjoyed this and are enjoying Makeup MAYhem!
Yours xx
Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money or were gifts, pictures were taken with my camera (unless otherwise noted/credited) and all opinions are mine and in no way represent anyone or anything other than me, myself and I. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're beautiful.


Makeup MAYhem: It's that time of the month again...

No, not THAT time of the month. It is makeup brush cleaning time.

Once a month, I do a deep brush cleaning. I do a daily brush cleaning, especially with my eye makeup brushes, because I tend to do a lot of experimenting that I despise when I'm blending out a look and what comes off the brush looks nothing like when I had on my eye. Serious beauty problem here people. Anyway...

I spend about half an hour on a day that I know I won't be wearing any makeup and scrub-a-dub-dub my brushes. I let them "drain" overnight and in the morning, voilĂ ! clean brushes!!

And supplies...
For daily brush cleaning, I use the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner from Sephora. But for my deep cleaning, I use the philosophy purity one-step facial cleanser. It is a very gently face cleanser and does a wonder on these brushes. I love the Kleenex hand towels for drying, which you will see.. and of course, my dirty brushes.

Dirty brush meet Facial Cleanser.
Cleanser full brush meet water... and palm.
Ta-da! Clean brush!!

It is a very easy process. Clean the brush, run it under water, swirl it in the palm of my hand to make sure I've got all the soap and makeup out of the brush. Sweep it across the Kleenex to, again, make sure it is clean. Put the brush, tip down, into a deep glass to get all the water out.
I hope you liked seeing into the cleaning side of beauty. What does your brush routine consist of?
Yours xx


Makeup MAYhem: Sunday Funday

If you are a college student, this title means an entirely different thing that it is actually about... Sorry for being misleading, y'all.
Yesterday, I slept about 14 hours and did the same thing today. My body has gone into full recovery mode and I approve. Cheers, to being done with this sickness! *raises cup of tea*

I did a bit of shopping yesterday. (Damn you Sephora.) I did NEED that new lipstick. I wanted a fancy matte red color so I did oodles and oodles of testing on the back of my hand, which out of context of a  Sephora looked a bit odd. I did find a color... well, several, that I really loved.

Lip selfie in Sephora Lip Cream stain in 003 Strawberry Kiss

Actual selfie in BITE Corvina
 I went with a Sephora owned lip product: Cream Lip Stain in the color 003 Strawberry Kiss. I never thought I'd buy a Sephora brand makeup with all the choices but I do love the matte red look of it. I also discovered a new lip product brand: BITE. They make all organic lip products; their matte gray packaging was BEGGING me to purchase. I was debating between my purchased lip pencil and the NARS lip pencil. I ended up choosing the BITE one because of the moisturizing effect and lasting color power it had on my hand. I was already getting a red, so I went with a coral pink called Corvina. I'm obsessed.
Now a girl has got to wear something cute to do a bit of shopping. I spend my nights pinning outfit ideas and a couple of days ago I stumbled across a pin that I couldn't help but recreate for myself. I recently purchased a pair of boyfriend crop jeans for $6 (They are a bit too big but a wash and dry has changed that!). These jeans paired with my striped Gap shirt, camel flats and Fossil bag was a great outfit to do a bit of shopping.
The nail polish... which I have since lost in the depths of my apartment..is Essie's Style Hunter. The lipstick I wore was L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee by JLo. It is an all nude collection with colors tailored to celebrity's choices for nudes. I went with JLo because if you wanna look like anyone, it is obviously JLo.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Have a great kick off to your week!
Yours xx


Fashion Friday: A Day full of Coffee

I'm very aware it is not Friday... I had a terrible, awful, no good, very bad bout with sickness on Friday so I didn't get a chance to post.
Thursday, I spent my day with my friend, Meagan, who is back in town after college. We had a great time exploring Downtown. We stopped at a Josiah's coffeehouse, Queen City Bakery and several other shops.
And yep, I brought my camera.

This is the face that happens when your latte is pure foam at the top.

Pants: Canyon River Blues ; Jacket and Top: Old Navy (similar) ; Shoes: Target; Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

Yours xx


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