Zara Office City Bag Dupe

I have been on the hunt/prowl for a "big girl" bag that is functional, yet gorgeous. I don't want to be victim to the borrowed-my-mom's-briefcase type situation on my first day out in the real world, which isn't even my biggest issue. My biggest issue: budget. Where can I find the perfect "big girl" bag still on my college girl budget?

I found this AMAZING "big girl" bag from Zara. It is beautiful! There are three main zipper compartments, and the middle zipper pocket is padded which makes it perfect for a laptop. The two compartments between the zipper bits have magnetic pop shut.

There is an organizational compartment to keep a phone, wallet, and a zipper pocket to keep things extra safe. Two sturdy handles with a detachable long strap which allow for toting or shoulder-holding. As far as looks go, it's got that black textured polyurethane and the lining is maroon polyester. This bag has everything that I am looking for. *checks price* *face palm*

As an avid Target shopper, and all-around Target fan, I was more than excited to look through their selection of "big girl" bags. Sunday afternoon, shopping with my mom (whom I had told about my lovely want/need for this Zara bag) when, tucked away on the bottom shelf...there it was...the Zar...ahem, Large Structured Tote Handbag-Black. If I were to ever find a dupe on a designer bag, I'm unbelievably overjoyed that it was this one!!

Large zipper pockets, one for a laptop...check! Magnetic compartments...half check (no magnet; shouldn't be too much of a problem once I start putting items in)! Organizational compartment...check! Zip pocket for extra safety...check! Two sturdy handles with detachable strap...check!!

The Target bag even mirrors the textured outer layer but instead of the Zara hatching pattern it is more of a dotted texture. Only detectable under super-de-duper close examination. The Target bag has more triangular  hinges and it is more of a silver colored hardware versus the Zara gold. But, those are small prices to pay when you, in fact, aren't really paying! This bag is $60 less than the Zara bag.

Oofta! Crisis solved! Big it on, real world! Now, only if my final papers would write themselves...

Yours in all her "big girl" bag, real-world ready ways xx

Oh and if you like some of the other Zara handbags, keep looking on Target, specifically the brand Merona...you might find yourself a dupe of another.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All the items mentioned above were purchased with my own money, or as a graduation gift from my loving parents. :) You're pretty.

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  1. Has this bag lasted a while for you? I was about to purchase the Zara bag until I saw this post!



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