A-Town Magazine: Outerwear

A-Town Magazine's newest publication is out! The Hemline is all about outerwear this month; very much appropriate for our current weather situation! 

Go ahead and pick up your issue at the designated locations or read it online!

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See you all tomorrow for Fashion Friday!
Yours x


Fashion Friday: January 25, 2013

Happy Friday everyone! We've survived another week together, despite freezing temperatures! It's all about celebration this week, because I've decided that what is life without celebration! I hope your inspired by this in some way or another. 

Happy Friday!!!

Maybe, you can be a lady while breaking the rules? That, to me, is even more daunting of a task. Or is the lady-like thing to not break the rules? You decide.

E-cards: getting me through tough days like a BOSS.

Whether you admit it or not...  
Colors, patterns, a puppy! A sorts of goodies in this one! 
In celebrating every day, I would break it!

Go out and do it! Whatever it is!
I'm obsessed with this jacket. 


The Four Agreements. 

<3 I LOL'd at this one.
Well, I'm off to read magazines, and drink coffee! Yours x


Thanks-piration: Gala Darling's Self Love Project

I just want to say thank you all very much for reading this. It truly means a lot to me that you've even clicked on the link. It's incredible to think that I've got 1000+ views on The Hemline. A-MAZ-ING! No combination of the 26 letters in the alphabet can express just how it makes me feel when you all read my posts, discuss my posts, or, my personal favorite, tell me that you enjoy them. So thank you!

Now, back to business!!

When I embarked on this endeavor I completed some research....read: I read other blogs, whether fashion related or not. Yeah, it was really tough for me (ahem, sarcasm). I thought about what I'd want to read, what would help me with clothes, outfits, and most important, finding a reason to love clothes and myself. (Obviously, I already loved clothes and fashion but hey, we all need some help, yeah?). One of the biggest influences on my decision to start a blog, and Fashion Fridays, was from a well-known blogger, Gala Darling.

I've recently become completely obsessed with TED talks. TED talks tagline "Ideas worth spreading" is exactly that. They are free talks from anything to how to use one paper towel to asking the question of What Moves You?. In exploring both Gala Darling and TED talks, my two inspirational vehicles collided.

Here's Gala Darling's TED talk on her Radical Self Love project. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I have.

Yours xx


Fashion Friday: January 18, 2013

This week, inspiration seemed to find me wherever I went. I started out my week by watching the captivating Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey. For this season, they gained the corporate sponsor of Ralph Lauren and his commercial aired before the episode. He is discussing his craft and where he finds his inspiration. I'm inherently jealous of anyone who can articulate their inspirations like he does. I'd consider myself a bit of a generalist when it comes to inspiration. His words inspired me to not accept the ordinary, not only in fashion, but also in life. His dialogue got my creative juices flowing (obviously) so I transcribed it for you to be inspired as well! And as per usual, more amazing fashions (also made easy by The Golden Globes!!). Congratulations on another week of 2013 completed!

"This is not a job. This is a joy. Doing the women's collection, you've got to create something and make it new every season. I'm drawing inspiration from my life, from history, from movies, from books, from everything I see. The best pleasure is the creativity and not accepting the ordinary." --Ralph Lauren

First: It's a Target ad and, if you haven't figured it out yet, I L-O-V-E  Target. Also, Old Man Winter... I accept your sweater as apology.

Sparkly bow because why not? 
Noted, Dowager Countess of Grantham. 

What's a closet? 


You know you read it as Captain Jack...

Naomi Watts looked absolutely stunning! 
Miranda Kerr (oh and a bit of Orlando Bloom eye-candy) is ravishing! 
I love Adele for several reasons, but mostly because she rocks Burberry like a boss. Black long sleeve dress with embellished neckline... Get it, girl! Beautiful! Plus, she scored a high-five from James Bond (erm, Daniel Craig) and a Golden Globe for Skyfall. 


Rockin' the Retro

Outfit Time

Found HERE!

I adore this sweatshirt (also, this is about as "casual" I get). It just makes me smile every time I've seen it so, obviously, I had to get it! Black, crew neck, vintage MTV logo...all my favorites! I wore it with skinny jeans and white low-top Converse Chucks. Plus, it's been arctic cold here this week thus making a perfect opportunity for me to wear it!

Also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I've had over 900 hits on The Hemline. Ya'll rock! See ya tomorrow for Fashion Friday!

Yours x


Fashion Friday: January 11, 2013

Fashion Friday

Each Friday I will share pictures or quotes as an assortment of an inspirational expression of my week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. And don't forget to share a bit of what inspired you throughout the week with me!

I mean, it really is.

How care free does this look?

Miranda Kerr. I love this look. I'm going to try to recreate it the best I can!

Just pack a bag and go!

Reese rockin' the all black. 

You really can't have an inspirational board without Posh. 

Don't forget.

My Unicorn Ring. A reminder to not overlook the magic and uniqueness in the world and in myself.

I'm a writer. I never outgrew my imaginary friends. They just became characters in my stories.

Relaxed plaid. 

My life, sometimes.

Jump for joy, with or without confetti.

More bikes. Apparently, I'm inspired by bikes this week. 

Hope you enjoyed! Yours x


Flashdance: Fashion's Full-Circle

Flashdance: Fashion's Full Circle

I've got this mission for myself to finally watch all the movies that I've placed in my Netflix Instant Queue. It is quite the task. I began my mission with "Flashdance," an 80's film about a dancer, played by Jennifer Beals, who works in a steel mill and has dreams of dancing fame. Though the film is basically a sequence of music videos strung together with an A-typical plot line, I found myself inspired through her sense of style.

The gray raglan sweater worn salaciously off one shoulder, used as both the film poster and in the "first date" scene, has all the appeal of the 80's fashions. It allowed for character definition, which any good fashion in movies I find always does. Would I rock it?....possibly, yes. 

 However, I was more excited about her masculine choices in casual wear. The over-sized knitwear paired with, what is that like, 5 scarves? Okay, not the 5 scarves but the sweater is definitely Haley-approved.

The red band jacket? Seriously, where do I get one!? The gold buttons and the black detailing on the sleeve are practically as lust worthy as the dancers of Mawby's Bar. 

Finally, the military surplus jacket with the patches is an excellent way of defining a female character in a male dominated world, as well as the 80's obsession with combat appliques, also introduced in the red jacket.

In the end, the movie was given a 3-star "Liked it" approve rating on the Netflix scale. But the fashion inspiration from "Flashdance" was greater, much greater, and obviously, not just another fad as most of fashions are still relevant today. My, my, how fashion becomes full circle. Fashion as armor is more than relevant with our girl here. Her character has armed herself with fashion in a world dominated by men, and yet, tearing those men to pieces at the same time. Fashion is power, and, my dearest readers, wield that power to your advantage.

Yours x


The NEW Hemline

The NEW Hemline

Take NEW lightly. Not a whole lot is going to change. The fashions will remain, no fear. However, the identity of The Hemline will change, as fashion has tendency to do. 

I recently heard an inspiring idea: "Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. You can't do away with it." (Heard it here, if you're curious). I want to provide an authentic space where I can share how fashion inspires me, and a space for you to collaborate on those inspirations. The idea is to take something as simple as an image, word, phrase, or thought, whether fashion related or not, and push the boundaries on ideas, values, and individual aesthetics. 

Now, I'm not saying that I'm going to become some radical, crazy, coffee-drinking hobo (though some may argue I already am). I want to push, push on fashion, push on popular culture, and along with pushing, I want to inspire. This will become a unique space that will represent an expression of who I am, and hopefully, who you, my lovely readers, are. 

Thanks for listening, and welcome to The Hemline.

Yours x


2 for the 1

Who doesn't love a good deal? Today, I've got a 2 for 1 fashion special for you!

Find them HERE!

First, TOMS. If you haven't heard of TOMS do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the one for one movement. For each pair of shoes purchased, TOMS gives a pair to a child in need. We've all got a TOMS story. If you are anything like me, you've got several TOMS stories. I can't wait to embark on my next story with these babies.


Second, Christmas break is almost over (insert sad face), but before I head back into the daily grind, I'd share my all time favorite lounge outfit, complete with accessories.

Everything is better in a Chunky Knit Sweater (Here). I said I was on the hunt for a black bag, and several fell into my lap in consecutive days; this is the first.  I've finished this lounge outfit with a beaded necklace (thrifted) and a maroon pair of tuxedo flats.

As of next week changes will be made to my blog. Don't worry, all will be for the positive...well, I hope.

Happy New Year! YAY 2013!


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