Blogtober Day 28: Lessons that School Won't Teach You

School didn't teach you...

what concealer to use to cover up 2 inch black-blue bags under your eyes.
how to survive 2 feet of snowfall while driving a car not built for snow.
who you are.
how to live on $20 until your next paycheck.
who is the "right" person for you.
how to jump start a car.
how to ask the right questions.
that it is okay to cry.
how to explain life and death to a toddler.
to not use your credit card to go out to dinner with your friends, again.
what makes you the happiest.
how to travel.
ignore gossip.
to let it go.
to know your limits.
to brush your teeth after breakfast.
that really, truly, the only opinion that matters is yours, and your family's.
to check your ego at the door even if you are the only one who did.
the best coping mechanisms are exercise and sleep.
that you are the stronger than you know.
that the lessons they don't teach you in school, you can learn in school, if you pay attention.

Yours xx

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