January Favorites

January flew by and was a great spring board for 2014. I vaguely remember a while ago I shared some of my favorite products of the month with you... well, lets do that again, shall we??

Clinique 3-Step Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizing Lotion
The first time I was spotted looking at makeup I was around 11. My mother said I was more than allowed to use makeup but I had to take care of my skin. We went straight to the good stuff for skin care. I have no idea why I have been bouncing around skin care products when I know, I KNOW, that this is the best thing for me. The liquid facial soup cleanses and removes any dirt and grime from my skin making it squeaky clean. Then I will tone my skin, creating a smooth surface for the moisturizing lotion to really lock it all in and in the winter, moisture has been my key necessity in products.

Smith's Rosebud Salve
Speaking of moisture, this has been a gift from the gods for my lips during winter. It is a rose scent petroleum jelly for your lips. Along with the rose scent, it gives my lips a nice pink and glossy color, which makes lip gloss, although fun, not necessary.

Revlon Colorburst Matte/Laquer Balm
Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say it: to me, these are the best lip product I have tried in a long while. The are moisturizing, plus supply a good amount of color that applications are few and far between. I do one application upon arriving at work and don't have to reapply until late afternoon or even when I get home because the color is still there. Application is super simple; if you can color in the lines, you can put these on. I started with colors that I knew I would wear all the time: Elusive, a light peach pink, Complex, a brown nude, Striking, a true red, and in the lacquer, Enticing, a shiny maroon red.
NYX Powder Blush in Peach
This blush is incredibly pigmented, a little goes a long way. It gives an Oh-Look-at-me, I-have-been-outside-and-just-naturally-have-pink-cheeks look. Very winter-esque chic. Perfect for January.

Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes mascara
I am such a fan of the original formula of the Falsies that I had to try the Big Eyes version and I was not disappointed. With the separate wands for upper and lower lashes it lifts and adds insane volume to the upper lashes and separates the lower lashes making them look spider leg long. It does last all day, for me, and doesn't smudge either. Simple makeup remover gets all the product off with very little residue left.
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Sport Eraser
Disclaimer: I do not have dark spots. I do have really scary dark under eyes, which is why I picked up this product. Thought I might be able to eliminate my designer handbag dark eyes, and it does. The applicator is truly awesome. The sponge allows for flawless distribution of the product, as well as precision. I have it in the color 210 Fair.
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
The 24 hour hydration is no lie. I have very dry skin and this product has been a life saver for me this winter. I body has been drinking this product up like a traveler in the desert! The scent is long lasting but not overpowering. It smells very nutty and creamy (if creamy has a scent...). It has been a huge success for me. I did try several other scents in small size to make sure, before buying the large jar, that it was the product for me, which, of course, it is.
Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler
Yep, I love tea and am obsessed with this. I'm not usually a bit fruit tea drinker but this product might have turned me. These are super flavorful and not at all sweet, which was my big concern. And as I attempted to spend less money, the price tag for 18 bags is really hard to argue.
Those are just some of my favorite products for the month of January. I hope you all enjoyed it. And I would love to know what products you all have been loving this month??
Yours xx


Book Haul & Books-To-Read

As previously posted I spent some time at Barnes and Noble last week and I've added to my Books To Be Read stack. I thought you guys might be curious what my reading plans consist of for 2014. Remember that resolution?? Well, I've got plenty to keep me busy.

Some of these books are brand new and some have been on my shelf for years. I'll do my best to review each book as I finish them. My first review will be on the Divergent series. I finished the first one in a matter of hours soooo, that'll be coming up pretty soon.

I picked these books from stellar recommendations as well as some of my favorite as authors. Plus, I really do believe that a book truly finds the reader.

Well, here's the books: (Oh, and my book ends are from JCPenney that I scored for $15 with coupons and sale. They are apples and the inside of each book end is the core. Super cute!!)



Like I said, I have tons to keep me busy. Hope you guys enjoyed my book haul!! What are you reading or looking forward to reading this year??
Yours xx


All Black Everything: A Miranda Kerr Inspired Look

Late last week I spent a solid 2 hours on E! Online's Big Picture gallery. This gallery is a collection of newly updated photos of celebrities being... well, normal. Most of the time, I'm looking at the gallery to see what celeb are wearing and where they are going. (Yep, I feed into the whole pop culture celebrity obsessed.)

This week I found a photo of Miranda Kerr. I consistently looooove her day to day looks. Plus, she is absolutely gorgeous! Her look is very classic pieces but with an edge. She seems to love a good coat, and a dash of the unexpected like a leopard ballet flat. She doesn't tend to over accessorize but her accessories do make (or break) her looks. You could say she is a style icon for me...I go as far as saying an inspiration, for sure.

I took one of the images I found and did a bit of interpretation with some items in my closet. It was a step outside of what I usually wear, a big heaping brave step, but a fun one!

The image of inspiration:

My interpretation:


I'm fairly certain I spent far less money on my outfit than Miss Kerr. I love the fringe on her jacket and her long black dress. I used my black skirt and a black shirt tucked in to recreate the feel of her dress.. The black jacket is from Old Navy (I spent $13.00 on it; the black one is sold out online. I thought I would link it anyway!); Skirt, bag (reviewed here) and scarf (and the boots in the black color that you can't see...) are all Target finds from over the years. And the lipstick is Revlon Colorburst matte balm in Striking, which you can get at any drugstore.
This was definitely a different look that I usually do. In fact, I can't remember the last time I wore all black. Actually, I think I was a fourth grader and about to be in a play about Greek mythology and all black was our required costume.
I spent the afternoon at Barnes and Noble. It was an interesting day well spent. And by spent, I truly mean spent. I do not need to go book shopping for quite some time.
I hope you have all had a wonderful week. And that, with the right inspiration, you can break your own rules!!
Yours xx


January POPSugar Box Un-Boxing

Each month, like clockwork, my POPSugar Must Have box comes full of treats for me! Yes, all must haves for me. So let's just get started...

Up first is Pipcorn, an all natural whole grain popcorn. The packaging is incredibly appealing like a middle school lunch sack. The back of the bag shares the origin of the company with the brother and sister traveling across the country to spread the love of their mini popcorn. Okay, now I've gotta try it... Well, it is truffle flavored so it has that going for it. Pretty good but, yep, tastes like popcorn.


Malin + Goetz detox face is a five-minute foaming mask. Like foaming soap, it makes that snap-crackle-pop sound on my face. It also feels like it could possible slip off my face like a slushy mask. It starts to seep, yeah, seep, into my face. In a good way, I'm really enjoying it. I definitely feel the hydration filling into my skin. The bottle describes it as oxygenation and optimal hydration... so my skin feels awesome because of these scientific descriptions. I approve.
This box of patterned nails files are going to look really cute in the handbag! I'm tossing out those ratty nude ones immediately and replacing them with these gorgeous black and lace print Revlon files!
This gift I am especially excited to get!! Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk calendar where each month is a different city. I cant decide if I want to keep it at work with me or in my apartment... decision, decisions. Here's January:

 I got a book!! A book all about Juicing! I never got into juicing but now, hmm, it is a gorgeous book. It could be an interesting reading. At least the pictures are pretty...
These media gloves from Jack + Lucy are going to be perfect for our current blizzard weather. I shall wear them tonight when I venture outside into the snow.  
As you can tell, I love my POPSugar box! Cant wait for next month! Hope you all are having a great weekend!!
Yours xx


2013 Reflections & 2014 Resolutions

Well, it has been 2014 for 16 days now and I finally have a planner (and not just any planner... the Rolls Royce of planners. I will review it soon) so I can officially celebrate the new year. 2013 was a whirlwind of a year for me. College graduation, moving to a new city on my own, my first 'real' job and so much newness that life became a bit too much at several points leading to intense breakdowns that needed multiple Kleenex boxes.

Ya know how people make those silly resolutions?? I'm going to be the cliché thing where I don't call them resolutions but goals...

There are pretty simple and standard but I think that sharing them with you will make me more accountable to these goals.

I'd like to spend more time writing and reading. I mean, I spent four years and oodles of dough on a degree I might as well use it for my pleasure. I enjoy writing and reading and for some reason, I don't prioritize it in my daily life. I'd like to spend, at least 45 minutes a day either reading or writing. I mean reading an actual book... bound with a beautiful cover, that book smell, and characters that just trap you in and all time seems to float away... See? I miss it!!

I really need to spend more time exercising. Some sort of activity to keep the dementors away. Maybe I'll join a gym... Ha-ha, maybe not. I live about 20 feet from a well stocked workout room so I should just use that, huh?

I am also going to be saving more than I am spending. Yes, I'm talking money. I don't believe this needs any sort of explanation on that one.

Like every other 22 year old in the world, I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I came to the realization a couple weeks ago that it is completely okay to NOT have any idea what I want to do. However, creating a sense of direction for myself is going to be a goal for 2014.

That's all everyone. Oh and hi, I've miss you all. Thanks for understanding me taking a break from the blog but I'M BAAaaaCk!!
Yours xx


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