Blogtober Day 24: The One about a Dream

October 24: Write down your most recent dream.

I have some really odd-like dreams. I love the jokes that go around about "Hey, wanna hear the dream I had last night?" "Hmm, no but you're going to tell me anyway, right?" Dreams are not conversation starters but, in this case, I shall make an exception.

I have had this dream like 12 times in the last month. I am out on a walk on the paths near my apartment and a Golden Retriever comes up and starts walking beside me. I wasn't freaking out at all, just like he is mine. So, we continue our walk back to my apartment and he sits outside my patio door. I go outside, sit next to him, and he just looks at me like "Can I be yours?" I, like any sane human being, start up a conversation. He's got no tags, and I called all the local places and no one has reported him. I continue to have like a 20 minute conversation with this dog ending with: "I guess you'll stay with me, then? And I shall call you...hmm, Neville."

He looks at me, barks, smiles and says: "Okay, Haley." *wakes up*

Yeaaaah, I know. Weird, right?? I'm sure I've told you this before, but I do want a Golden Retriever and I will name him Neville...but I didn't ask for a talking dog. Oh, my brain.

Anyone else got any weird dreams??

Yours xx

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  1. Right when I wake up (middle of the night or in the morning) I put all my dreams in my notes section of my iPhone. Have some pretty... weird ones.



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