Weekend. Mekend. Shmekend.

Most weekends involve sleeping in, hanging out, and consuming all too much food. This weekend I did something  that I think I should share: I watched a different movie on each day. "Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief" "Black Swan" "Easy A" are the ones that I watched, and now, reviewed. Spoiler Alert!

Percy Jackson
I'm a sucker for any history, aka Greek mythology, movie. Especially when there is a super cute male lead. The story line was interesting. Percy is the son of Poseiden and its bomb how he controls water and it's basically him figuring his new life out, saving his mother, and 'falling' in love. It's a good movie, but it's a kiddie version of Greek mythology. So, in conclusion, its not my favorite movie of the weekend. I bet the book is a lot better.

Black Swan
I love it movie. Love it. It has intrigue, depth, and a kick ass plot! It's Swan Lake but modern. It's a psychological thriller and let me tell you, I jumped several, meaning 3, times. Natalie Portman is brillant in this. The dancing, which after watching this made me want to sign up for lessons too bad I quit when I was three, is beautiful. I cannot believe it. It is so good. It better win an Oscar or I might freak out.

Easy A
John Hughes would be proud. It is funny, smart, and a interesting combination of The Scarlet Letter, and any John Hughes theme. Its one of those movies that is great but not Oscar-Black-Swan-good. Olive lies to her friend about her sex life, and this rumor spreads like wild fire. Long story short, she has to battle being the school skank and finally get her love, Lobster Todd.

Movie Ratings: #1Black Swan #2 Easy A #3 Percy Jackson

My action as PoppieCult: to find what I love and fight for it like all of these main characters did.

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