Taking the Blogging V-Card

All right, here's the deal. I'm new to this.*Shocked face!* My goal is not necessarily to entertain you with my exciting life. However, it is to share my thoughts, feelings and I guess, my really exciting life.

Blogging seems like this foreign thing to me. And the little voice in the back of my head, driven into my brain by my mother, to not share too much information online. Whoops. I guess, to me, blogging is going to seem like this diary that I lost the key to or my brother stole it. Either way I'm giving it a try.

Now, a bit about me. I'm a twenty-something, college student about to embark on another semester as an english and history major. So if you didn't figure it out already, I'm a nerd. Not one of those headgear-wearing-pocket-protecting-losers (see Michael Anthony Hall's friends in "16 Candles"). Probably a lot more like Molly Ringwald in "16 Candles" but not as angry? I'm not sure if I'm painting the best picture of myself. Which is probably a good thing for those crazy stalkers who might try and find me.

I do a lot of things on campus and I am involved in a lot of things which in some cases is a really great thing. I'm learning a lot about myself and my fellow students but honestly, it just makes for a really busy life and most of the time I forget the reasoning for why I do the things that I do. Poppie Cult is going to make me sit down, review my day and form actual feelings towards my life. As a goal for the semester I am going to do this. Situations will be stressful, life-fearing, and paper cuts will form but through it all I hope, *fingers crossed*, we can get through it together!

My first official Poppie Cult action is to say: Hey YA'LL!

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