Too Much To Do

Honestly, I cannot believe how much stuff I have to do. I'm serious I have absolutely no time to do anything so this blogging things original purpose to make me slow down and actually enjoy life is maybe not so much doing it's purpose. But anywayz, besides me yelling and whining about my busy schedule, it has come to my attention that I, at least for about a day, was no longer a Pisces.

Here's the dealio. I could not believe this. I am a perfect Pisces. It is exactly my personality and who I am. But, it might just be me believing that I am my sign and nothing else, but no, seriously, I am a Pisces and always will be. So you can understand my freakout...

But I guess my freakout was nothing. The next time I search and try to figure out my new sign. it's a joke! I'm still a Pisces. Apparently, this new fancy sign is only for people who are born after 2009. So here's my stressful situation: Why didn't they post that originally?!

Oh, and this is just another excellent reason for my life choice to not get that tattoo. Oh, but I'm not sure that's going to stop me! :)

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