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Top story on the American News today: Officials refusing salary cuts *News Anchor Voice.*

Today's PoppieCult blog isn't going to be on how government is going to cut education budget, although it probably should be. I recieved a lovely forward in my email the other day, yes, I still have email and yes, I still recieve forwards, and yes, I do actually read them. (I don't send them on and no, nothing ever bad happens to me in 10 days.)

This forward titled Newspaper Map *News Anchor Voice* looked promising. So, being the kurious kitten (Like that forced alliteration? Huh Huh?) that I am I checked it out. It has maps of every area of the world and cute little orange dots on it which when you scroll over them gives you the daily newspaper headline!!

Now we shall start with the US:

The front of the Bakersfield Californian, published in Bakersfield, CA had the big news of Superbowl participants and an interesting story entitled, "Pastor gets Pardon." Now from what I can see is the guy was pardon by the Govenator Arnold on his drug felony and then turned his life around and became a priest....Interesting.

From the east coast, The Middletown Press, published in Middletown, CT had the news of the crowning of Miss Connecticut! She's fighting for the title of Miss USA. I think this is an excellent news day for Middletown. I love me some pageants!


London looks to have very similar news to the big newspapers in America. Economic crisis, Middle East conflict, sexist comments towards woman athletes..just another day.

If you wanna check out some news for yourself...have a look http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/flash/.

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