Pet Hate

Pet Peeves. Pet Peeves. Ugh! They are these little annoyingly difficult things that I cannot stand. People with pet peeves actually annoy me more than the pet peeves themselves. Those people just need an excuse to tell someone, "Oh my gosh, stop! That is my pet peeve! Stop!" Those people need a reality ch-ch-check!

Okay, I do actually have a few pet peeves, but I am not that person who shouts out telling people to stop! Nor do I do the other the shoulder, slight glare to force them to stop. So here they are:

The noise that the keys of a cellphone make: I mean, for real, it annoys all of you too. Admit it. The repeated 'click, click, click' and finally, 'click' of the send button. Shesh, it's awful especially when you are like watching a movie or having a conversation with them and they whip out their phone and starting texting mid-conversation. UGH!

Unorganization: When people are not organized it really bothers me. There are so many ways to get organized and stay that way, there really is no excuse. Oh, oh, and then don't expect me to be able to organize for you for your stuff. Now I don't mind being helpful but c'mon, don't expect me to do it for you!

Now, I have two. Two out of about oh a million. Here are some more that I found that I thought were pretty comical.
-Kids who tease dogs through a fence.
-People who sit next to you on public transportation even when there are other seats available.
-Made up car names that are not even real words.
-Celebrities claiming to be environmentalists.
-Chasing after a ping pong ball.
-People who style their hair during Mass.
-Conversational High-Fives: High-fiving at any time other than when one is actively playing a sport

My personal favorites: the high-fives and the ping pong ball chasing. It just goes to show people are annoyed by pretty much anything these days!

My goal today: To not be annoyed by people or annoy people.

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