Cheap! Cheaper! Cheapest!

I've been spending a lot of money lately between school and books and all my other needs like new jeans, super-cute shortie black boots, and my severe scarf addiction. Of course, I need 34 scarves of which fifteen of them are all different shades of purple. But here's the thing that working years and years of retail, by years I mean three, that really makes me slightly aggreviated: Coupons.

Coupons are not the only thing that really gets me. Its the people that just have to make sure and check and make sure that they get their items for the price and amount that they wanted. I mean, really? Your Kleenex boxs are 14 cents cheaper than they were oh...3 seconds ago. But recently it came out this is called "Extreme Couponing." To me, it's just another day on the job.

These couponers, of both genders, have names like Coupon Queen/King and Discount Diva. They 'spend' about $234.90 on items and they get them for $12.34. Part of me really gets annoyed by this but I'm pretty sure it's jealousy. I have no idea how these people do it. I mean, do they collect them for years and know every single return policy and price changes?

So heres the thing. I'm spending a lot money. Now, I am going to be cutting those coupons and checking the sales.

Next actions as PoppieCult: Cut coupons and check those sales.

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