Today is about thankfulness.

Thankful for the small moments like this that happen and the perfect fall tree - so pay attention. 

I'm thankful for my family. My mom for being my best friend; my dad for being my confidant and inspiration; my brother for being my personal superhero and the only one to make me laugh without trying. My family for their unconditional love, support, and for being the best people to have in my corner. 

Thankful for God who formed this place that is full of life, love, and even the worst thing, death. Without him, I would not be blessed with all these "things." Thankful to live in a place that has four seasons with the wind, rain, sunshine, sleet, and snow...sometimes all in one day. It is a great place to grow up. 

Thankful for my brain for challenging every day ideals, thoughts and running my life to success it is, thus far. My emotions -- the ups and the downs, the happys and the sads, the goods and the bads -- because combined, they have created me. Thankful for choice. It runs my life, allowing me to make my own mistakes and celebrate my wins.
Thankful for my friends for laughing at my jokes, listening to me talk nonsense and always being up for an adventure. Thankful for the people who suck. They have shown me who I don't want to be. The same for the people who rock. They have shown me the power one person can have.
Thankful for Google. It has the answers for even the stupidest of questions. My phone, tablet, and Internet connection for keeping me close to those I love when I am miles from them. My Keurig for warming the water that makes my tea that warms my soul. Thankful for music for silencing my terrible singing voice and allowing my kick ass rhythm to dance and jam. Thankful for the brave, genuine, creative and intelligent authors that pen books, novels, short stories, and poems for my enjoyment. 
Oh and my eyes  -- I really like them.
 And I'm thankful for you for reading this.  You're beautiful.
What are you thankful for?
See you tomorrow!
Yours xx

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