Something about October

There really is just something about October. It is the calm before the Holiday storm. The time of year when pumpkin patches can be found on highway roads. Autumnal colors of burnt orange, red, and yellow blend together in the canopy of trees on your street. Summer waves good-bye and winter wiggles in quicker with each passing weekend. I spend humid August and September afternoons lusting after overcast, breezy October evenings. My favorite color is October. There is nothing particularly exciting about October in my planner. No major holidays spread throughout it, no vacations planned, no pressing appointments – just another month in the turn of 2014. This is why I’m blogging my month of October.

 I am going to be blogging every day. I did this last year with Blogtober. Previously Blogtober focused on prompts but, this year I am just going to let the writing spirits take control. I’ll share everything from “Life Lately..” to product reviews, #ootds, and all the goodies you’re used to finding on here. Thank you for letting me have this little corner, erm, more like the edge you fold over to hold your place to answer a question asked to you while reading a novel (…sorry, I digress), to share my October with you.
See you tomorrow.
Yours xx

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