Fashion Friday: Overdress

I have always been the girl in jeans; never in sweatpants. I was fashionably repressed by school uniforms from 1st grade until senior year of high school. When there was an opportunity to wear something other than those navy slacks and my blue polo, I took it. Never dress down, always over dress. This was a tactic in style and fashion I learned very young and has stuck with me. I live in a place where this is not the norm. It is completely acceptable to go out in sweatpants, no makeup and poke fun at the woman dressed to the 9s. I have been that girl in sweats and it was one of the most uncomfortable situations I can remember. Jeans are my sweats.

I enjoy spending time on my hair and makeup. I enjoy dressing up to go to the grocery store or out to dinner. Nothing beats it. Make the occasion and dress for yourself. Every day is an occasion – dress for it! There are holidays, parties, concerts and weddings, but what if you want to wear your red shoes and red lipstick on a Tuesday? I say, why the hell not.

See you tomorrow.

Yours xx

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