Blogmas? : It's Never Too Late

Christmas is just around the corner and I realize that I haven't (really) fulfilled one of my New Year's Resolutions. In the last two months, I have had multiple things that have changed - new job, new home, and well, I feel like I'm coming into my own in adulthood now. 2 years later...

 This week I have been able to spend a lot of "me" time. I decorated a Christmas tree, hung out with my friends and family, and had a very large Thanksgiving meal (bless my parents for eating and cooking Thanksgiving dinner twice just so their spoiled daughter could bring leftovers back to her house.) But really I just wanted to say, I hope everyone is ready for the last month of 2014. I know it is very cliché to say that it has flown by but, it has.

It is an interesting concept  - the idea of returning to an unchanged place only to discover the ways in which yourself has changed. (Probably murdered that quotation...)

I have moments where I don't think I have changed at all; I'm still 15, running around with the biggest care in the world being how I'm going to do on my chemistry test, and what defense we have to run in our upcoming basketball game. But, I have. I don't really worry about things too much anymore. I've realized (may have been in the past week and a half or so) that worry really is just a waste of time. If I am concerned about something, I just need to ask some questions, and get my butt in gear and solve it. Most of the time, my worries are unfounded. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch - my trivial worries are insignificant.

I did go on a bit of a rant there, ay?

I haven't fulfilled the resolution of spending more time doing the things I love and I regret it. I know, I know, silly. I got too wrapped up in worries, and the stress of work and the like of life that I pushed aside the things I needed to do to keep me sane. So, for December, help me make a pact to spend 30 or so days, fulfilling this resolution because it is never too late.

Yours xx

PS Yep, 2 months later... HI! :D

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