OOTD: Seamless Motion Capturing

Several weeks ago I met up with my friend Meagan, as you can see she is super talented behind the camera. She had an art project that needed completing for her photography class. The assignment was to do a shot all about capturing motion. She had to capture multiple images and combine them into one photo creating a seamless action shot. Naturally, it was a chance of severe thunderstorms and we went to a park surrounded by metal objects to get the shots we needed.
My outfit:
Denim shirt is from Forever 21. It has sporadic white letters (B, L, A). I wore a white pocket V-neck and my black Rockstar Old Navy jeans. My sunglasses are from Target and my lipstick, is well, this might shock you, Sephora Matte Lip Cream in 003 Strawberry Kiss.

I decided to be truly obnoxious with my facial expressions on the swing set. Guys, it takes a lot of guts to jump 6 inches from the ground off of a swing. As usually we had an absolutely hilarious time during the shoot, as after.
Yours xx

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