Sorry Not Sorry: Pantene Ad

Sorry, not sorry, this post is going to happen.

A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science has identified this verbal tick as a female habit. The researchers found that women apologize more than men because guys have a higher threshold for what warrants “wrongdoing” and are more likely to report an offense as more severe than their male counterparts would, leading them to apologize more frequently.

Wrongdoing warrants an apology. Asking a question, needing to speak to someone, keeping your armrest are not "wrongdoings." Then why, women of the universe, do we feel the incessant need to apologize for challenging a peer, needing assistance, and taking up space that we've rightfully earned?? Stop word-vomiting sorry - Use words to display your power, not cower into oblivion. CAN I GET A "YOU GO GIRL!"

Thank you Pantene for your commercial inspiring women to be strong and shine!

Yours xx

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