Chef Haley: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I'm such a chef. When I have the time and creative juices, I enjoy making a good meal for myself. Cooking for one is a challenge because most "meals" are portioned for 4 at the very least, but I have learned that leftovers are just as fun. As I break in my kitchen in my place, I thought I may share some of my mishaps and successes with you.
I was shopping for my groceries earlier this week and saw a new mix-and-match meals section. Pretty convienant for a girl like me -- I thought I would try out my hand at Lime Chili Chicken Fajitas.

Oil is in the pan and warming up.

Add those veggies.


Time for the chicken..

Added the lime juice and Chili Cilantro sauce -- Pro-tip: I did NOT add the entire sauce bag. I just did about a tablespoon.

Mixed it all up and boom - dinner!
I would recommend either with tortilla wraps, salad or on its own. It had a bit of spice and tang and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to try another mix-and-match meal.
Yours xx

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  1. Ahhh this looks soooo good. I'm so hungry now, hahaha.



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