Makeup MAYhem: Sunday Funday

If you are a college student, this title means an entirely different thing that it is actually about... Sorry for being misleading, y'all.
Yesterday, I slept about 14 hours and did the same thing today. My body has gone into full recovery mode and I approve. Cheers, to being done with this sickness! *raises cup of tea*

I did a bit of shopping yesterday. (Damn you Sephora.) I did NEED that new lipstick. I wanted a fancy matte red color so I did oodles and oodles of testing on the back of my hand, which out of context of a  Sephora looked a bit odd. I did find a color... well, several, that I really loved.

Lip selfie in Sephora Lip Cream stain in 003 Strawberry Kiss

Actual selfie in BITE Corvina
 I went with a Sephora owned lip product: Cream Lip Stain in the color 003 Strawberry Kiss. I never thought I'd buy a Sephora brand makeup with all the choices but I do love the matte red look of it. I also discovered a new lip product brand: BITE. They make all organic lip products; their matte gray packaging was BEGGING me to purchase. I was debating between my purchased lip pencil and the NARS lip pencil. I ended up choosing the BITE one because of the moisturizing effect and lasting color power it had on my hand. I was already getting a red, so I went with a coral pink called Corvina. I'm obsessed.
Now a girl has got to wear something cute to do a bit of shopping. I spend my nights pinning outfit ideas and a couple of days ago I stumbled across a pin that I couldn't help but recreate for myself. I recently purchased a pair of boyfriend crop jeans for $6 (They are a bit too big but a wash and dry has changed that!). These jeans paired with my striped Gap shirt, camel flats and Fossil bag was a great outfit to do a bit of shopping.
The nail polish... which I have since lost in the depths of my apartment..is Essie's Style Hunter. The lipstick I wore was L'Oreal Paris Collection Privee by JLo. It is an all nude collection with colors tailored to celebrity's choices for nudes. I went with JLo because if you wanna look like anyone, it is obviously JLo.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Have a great kick off to your week!
Yours xx


  1. I LOOVE that sephora lip cream stain color! So gorgeous :)

    1. And the best part, besides the color, is that it applies with a wand, like a gloss!!

      PS I loooove your prom dress. You looked beautiful! I hope you had a great time! :D



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