Makeup MAYhem: Skin Care: Foundation before Foundation

With a couple of tweaks, I have a skin care routine for the first time in my makeup wearing life that makeup has become an accessory, not a need. My mother, aka the wisest woman I know, gave me the best advice when I wanted to start wearing makeup. If you are going to wear makeup, you have got to take care of your skin. We went to the Clinique counter and bought the 3-Step Program (if you've been a loyal reader this is not the first time you've heard this story). 

I'm lucky. I have good skin. (Now that I have said that queue the pimples..) I have oily/combination skin; particularly oily in my T-zone. I rarely get breakouts but when I do they are, as assumed, nas-tay.

I wanted to start doing more posts about beauty and what perfect timing with Makeup MAYhem going around the blogosphere. But this year, I'm playing too!

So, Mother Knows Best. Skincare before makeup.


I have two different skin care times: Morning and Night. Both have different needs.

First up, morning. The goal: Make me look human. The products: Cleanser, Spray Hydrate, Eye Cream, Serum, Moisturizer. The time: 3 minutes max.

In the morning, I just want my skin to be clean and ready for the day. I cleanse, tone, moisturize. Very simple concept, nothing too scary. Pro tip: Wait 10 minutes after skin care before applying makeup. It makes it sit better on your face.


The night time goal is to clean my face off and moisturize. Usually after a long day, getting the makeup and dirt off my face is like the last possible thing I want to do. I really want to plop down and pass out. BUT, tomorrow, I will regret it. So I've made this guy quick and easy. I find if I watch a YouTube video or listen to some relaxing music while I do my routine, it doesn't seem too bad.

I have to get my makeup off before anything else. I swipe on the eye makeup remover and the cleansing milk from Clinique then I cleanse with the fresh soy face cleanser. This cleanser smells like cucumbers. It is also great at removing any makeup that may have been missed (stubborn mascara!).

Toner toner toner! I don't exfoliate my skin enough so this gets into those pores for me. Spray hydrate... need I say more? Argan Oil = my favorite thing ever. Serious. And more moisturizer.

Keys for my skin: I love to moisturize. Keeping that moisture in, especially at night, is important for me. It gives my skin an extra large drink of water. 

And some days, I just can't with all the things so... enter cleansing wipes. (Ssshh, don't tell my mom.)


What do you need out of your skincare? Best pre-makeup advice?

Yours xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money, pictures were taken with my camera (unless otherwise noted/credited) and all opinions are mine and in no way represent anyone or anything other than me, myself and I. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're beautiful.

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