Makeup MAYhem: Is the accent nail still a thing?

I sure hope so because I just couldn't decide what color to paint my nails. I am an in serious need of summer. I haven't ever seen the ocean (flying over it doesn't count) and these two colors reminded me of that ideal ocean color. The accent nail is Essie's "Lapiz of Luxury" and the others are Essie's "Mint Candy Apple."

I'm still trying to perfect the at-home manicure. It is almost sad to watch me try and paint my right hand with my left hand. You'd think I had never used my left hand for anything... ever. But I have found a solution for the crippling drying process: OPI's Drying Drops. I wait a minute after applying my final coat, drop 2-3 drops onto each nail and in less than 5 minutes they are DRY! And I mean, you can do arts and crafts dry.

I still struggle with the (almost) immediate chipping process. Anyone have any suggestions? Any at-home manicure tips and tricks that you are generous enough to share?

I'm starting "Gone Girl" today. I have heard awesome reviews!
Yours xx

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