May Favorites

I cannot believe that it is June. I mean, what is happening to 2013?? But, hey, another month another group of favorites...

Beauty and Body Care

As summer approaches my routine simplifies. Mascara is a must-have as well as an easy-peasy eye shadow. I love the Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. It is a super light and fresh cream color; almost a highlight color. My only complaint is that my eyelid are a bit on the oily side so without primer it doesn’t last all day but I just love it too much!

As far as mascara, I received The Benefit They’re Real trial size and just loved it so much I had to go get it in the full-size. It makes your eyelashes look exactly like you are wearing fake eyelashes and who doesn’t want that?? The Maybelline The Falsies does a similar thing as They’re Real but it, hmm, fluffs them more..yeah, fluffs.

Maybelline Master Duo liquid liner is like eye liner for dummies. The brush allows for control with its thick side and thin side. I thought I could draw a straight line...I can’t. But with this guy, I can fake it pretty well. Obviously, I approve.

As you know I’ve become a big fan of the body butters. This Nip and Fab Mango Smoothie is perfect for summer. It isn’t too thick and very smooth and soft to apply. It smells like summertime, all mango-y and fruit-y. And my hair, since my pledge treat my hair with respect, I have been using a detangler for normal-thick hair. When I get out the shower my hair is a rat’s nest so combing through it is torture, but with this my hair is super easy and seems amazing.

Music Favorites

I made a post about my favorite YouTube covers recently so make sure to check that out. Plus, this month I have spent every morning getting ready to Demi Lovato’s new album “Demi.” It has everything from rock, pop, dance beats, ballads and it is just, well, awesome. My favorites include: Neon Lights, Nightingale, Fire Starter, and Warrior.

You can listen to the whole album on Spotify...as I have been doing.

Movie and Fashion Favorites (+ Blogger Book Club)

Obviously I’ve got to include The Great Gatsby movie for this month’s favorites. And my fashion favorite this month would have to be my Black Classic TOMS. Chances are if you’ve seen me this month I’ve been wearing them. They are worn through and just about perfect.

Starting in June I will be participating in Blogger BookClub. Each month I will read a new book, along with my fellow bloggers, and review it! I’m absolutely ecstatic about this! Up first, The Help...

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