Fashion Friday: June 7th, 2013

This week has been insane all starting with the Game of Thrones episode on Sunday. My reaction was priceless. I have never been so stunned by a show before; it was a lot of eyebrow raising and complete distress and outrage. And to avoid more moments like this, I have Google-d spoilers. I’m a-okay with this. Plus, I have not read the books, yep you read that right. I need to. The list of books Haley-needs-to-read is, at this point, probably longer than the books-Haley-has-read but, that is a post for another time.


Does anyone else get loads of random junk-type emails that they never open? Me too. Most of my consist of fashion websites sending out marketing and promotional materials, and when I have time, I browse them and dream of buying all the things. But lately, it has been more open-delete-open-delete. I don’t know why I haven’t cancelled my subscriptions.  I have that one thought that “maybe, just maybe I will look through them.” Anyone else have this problem or just me??

Also this week I have been constantly processing what I’m going to do with my apartment! A home is all about living fashionably, right? Plus, a great place for my books and my clothes (my two constant companions). As an avid Trading Spaces (anyone, anyone?!), and all things HGTV lover, I am desperately seeking inspiration. I have turned to my BFF, Pinterest, in my time of need! I want my apartment to be a home. I want it to be a reflection of me and my taste as well as accessible to anyone entering. While not working with a whole lot of space, I still want all the awesomeness that is pictured below. My place will be a constant project that *fingers crossed* will turn into a place that makes coming home enjoyable and relaxing, and a place where two or more gather on occasion, which after all, is the point, right?

-A great place to read books
-A nice porch to sit on to read books
-A comfy chair to sit in and read books
-A great kitchen to make great food to eat while I sit and read books
-Oh and a kick-ass closet!

If you have any home decorating tips, tricks and inspirations, please don’t hesitate to share.

A funkier (is that a word?) entry space.

This mirror is awesome! I know I want a big mirror. In fact, I need it!
Great entry space. I'm a constant "Where are my keys?" so having a space for them right away when I walk in...ideal.

Open, calming...two of my favorite things!

C'mon now. 

An enviable office space...big dreams are created (and accomplished) at a space like this!

I love the colors and pattern in this chair. Love the idea of a focal point piece such as this!

Now, there has got to be a way to re-create this awesome map pillows... 
All images, with links, can be found here: Building My Barbie Dream House. Don't forget to follow me on Pinterest while you are there! I pin very exciting things, not to toot my own horn or anything... *toot toot*

Yours xx


  1. I love all those photos in your post, especially that large wooden mirror!!

    1. Oh my gosh, I know! So cool!! Thanks for reading! :)



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