What I Wore: A Summer Selection

When traveling bring all you favorite pieces! All of them!!

Disclaimer: A collection of mirror selfies await you.

Yea, I wore the black pants again. What are you going to do about it?? I love them. While the weather has been less than summer, jeans are still appropriate. This polka dot shirt has seen so many days. I'm constantly wearing it and pairing it with different accessories. It was chilly and I turned to my trusty denim jacket. The necklace, seen on this post in both cream and mint, can be found online in cream, pink and black.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this guy: the awesomely amazing peach blazer from Herbergers, now on clearance! I cuffed up the sleeves making it more casual and not so business. Black pocket tee from Target, skinny jeans from Old Navy and the cream version of the previous necklace made this outfit perfect to do a bit of shopping in.

I know, denim on denim. I swore to myself that I would never. But I did. I'm sorry. I even did a bit of a Pinterest searching to make sure I was doing this look okay. The dark jeans and lighter wash shirt seemed to be the common thread throughout all my denim on denim searching. So, I tried it and it seemed to work. 

Ahhh summer time dresses!! I've previously professed my love of dresses so I thought I would wear my favorite spring/summer navy dress (couldn't find exact but I linked the Old Navy summer dresses above) with the mint necklace. Plus, it was nice and warm this day. YAY for summer...finally.

I'm on a blogging spree this week! Wee! 

Yours xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money and all opinions are mine. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're beautiful.

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