An Unplanned Father's Day Gift

Unbeknownst to me, other than when my father mentioned it out to dinner, I was, for the last two weeks, 10 minutes away from one of the 13 Best Places to Watch College Football: St. John University’s Clemens Stadium.

"...Clemens Stadium is built into a horseshoe-shaped hillside, surrounded on three sides by many trees, thus giving the stadium its natural beauty and nickname. The hills not built over with concrete or metal stands are almost always occupied with fans who bring blankets to sit on. Because of the hillsides and other space inside the stadium, Saint John's can fit more than double the number of people than official capacity allows." via

We went, of course. It was raining. (Weather not ideal for tourist stopping but for...well, actually it probably would’ve been okay football weather. I've attended football games in all sorts of weather..rain, snow, sleet, ice, sun, and sometimes all in the same game.) The windy roads surrounded by tall, luscious trees were more suited for a horror film than cheering on the Johnnies but we ventured on. Cruising our way around, wipers going, peeping through trees only to find parking lots and beautiful buildings. Until, spotted along a man-made path from a paved road was a yellow field goal post.

Taking the next right, through two stone ticket booths, we parked and, lucky us, the gate was open. Opening umbrellas (my a very fashionable orange and purple paisley print), we joked about getting caught by campus security, leaving our car running for a quick getaway from said security or, of  course, the killer lurking in the trees. (We didn’t actually leave the car running.) I grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures...              

We were a little early...

See that building on the left hand side? After this stop, we drove around the field, took the road right onto the field. But if St. John's campus security is reading this...I'm joking. Totally joking.

Image those trees in October...Full of fall colors, a slight breeze weaves its way through them, while you sit on a blanket, wearing a chunky knit scarf, a hoodie, and a great pair of jeans with your Converse All-Stars all ready to cheer on your team! Oh man, am I excited for fall or what? 

Just thought I'd share... I've got more weekend fun coming up this week. I took a walk around St. George Lake and I was THAT girl with her camera...

Happy (Early) Father's Day!

Yours xx

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