April Favorites

I can't believe I'm already doing favorites for April and that I graduate from college on Saturday. It is just unreal how time moves so quickly and yet, moves so slooooow. Okay, let's just jump into these favorites. Shall we? *holds out hand*

Beauty and Body Care

 For the past month, or so, I've been victim of the lazy girl makeup removal mentality. You know when you're just exhausted and the last thing you want to do is go through your nightly ritual of makeup removal, exfoliation  cleansing, toner and so on? Meet the Simple Cleansing Facial wipes. I've been a cleansing cloth user since high school and these might be my holy grail face clothes. They are super gentle, and still manage to take off all of my waterproof mascara!! Plus, they don't leave a residue at all on my skin. Paired with my moisturizer...Ooooof, perfect!

I love blush. Love it. I use it everyday without fail. I don't like to leave the house without it. This palette is the ELF blush and bronzer compact. It was $1. Expectations weren't all THAT high, but oh how wrong I was!! The color is super pigmented in both the blush and the bronzer. I like the bronzer a lot because it doesn't have sparkles in it. (Nothing is more awful than having your skin sparkle with bronzer especially if your skin isn't exactly perfect.) The blush, however, does have sparkle but it is fairly subtle. This color is almost an exact dupe of Mary Kay's "Shy Blush" which I have used for years but a fraction of the price. Plus, super big mirror, which, say it with me now, perfect for a handbag product!! Obviously I love this product.

I'm having a love affair with Lush. See? Just add this next product to the list; it is "Popcorn" Lip Scrub. According to the label, "A sweet and salty lip scrub that smells like popcorn. Scrumptious!!" I like using this when I'm getting ready before applying my lip product and before bed before adding my Nivea Lip Butter. It is an exfoliant for the lips. It doesn't necessarily taste like popcorn but it does taste sweet. You scrub it on and then, my favorite part, lick it off. I know sounds weird, but it is perfectly normal and awesome.

 Bath and Body Works does it again. This True Blue Spa, heck the entire True Blue collection, does wonders. This is the newest member of the product line (came out early April): Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel with jojoba oil. You will smell like a delicious raspberry mojito (erm, without the alcohol)! I was a bit hesitant about the cream gel bit. It has the texture of a body wash (per water) but smooths into the skin like lotion. I've been applying it after I get out of the shower in the more to add a bit of moisture back into my skin. It isn't sticky, which I was worried about it being. And as you can see, I'm almost out. Shoot, guess I'll have to go shopping for more...

And I know this has nothing to do with Beauty or Body but, um this candle? Amazing. It smells like a Lemon Tart. I refuse to burn it because I love it so much. I occasionally get a whiff of it in my room. It is just the bees-knees of candles. I discuss it more here: I (heart) Spring.

Music Favorites
I have been a massive fan of George Watsky since I was a sophomore in college (2 years ago...) when he performed at the NACA conference. He did spoken word... My favorite: here.

So when I found out he was coming out with an album I was obviously STOKED. Cardboard Castles is a work of genius. It is humorous. It is sad. It is insightful. And all around awesome. Please go listen to it. Here are the videos of some of my favorites.

Book and Movies (and Drink) Favorites
I'm combining a couple categories here, peeps. I've been obsessed with Hubert's Lemonade both the Original and Raspberry lemonade. It is a perfect drink for spring and summer. Can't go wrong with some genuine lemonade, ay? Plus, how cute is this bottle!! ;)

Confess: I didn't read any new books this month. I know, I know. I've been lucky to read the books that I've been required to read for finishing up school and I'm pretty sure you don't want me to tell you my favorite book this month is my Technical and Grant Writing book. Not too exciting at all. I can only tell you that Harry Potter is my favorite book so many times, but um, that is my favorite this month. Technically, I did read the 7th book this month (for my thesis) so, it could fulfill both requirements. Yep. That's my book favorite this month. 

Movies...oh sweet, sweet movies. I went to "42" in theaters this month. Very good. Highly recommend. It is the story of Jackie Robinson. I recently, like, hmm, Sunday, went to the chick-flick "The Big Wedding." I thought it handle the multiple story lines well. The content is very adult but damn, it was funny. Very real-life, if you ask me. It is about a family, and this family faces real "problems" in real ways. It is not a tricky plot, at all. But, hey, I liked it.

And my final favorite...COLLEGE GRADUATION! It is here. It is finally here. I never thought this day would come! 

What are your favorites this month?? I'd love to hear!

Yours xx

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