Fashion Friday: April 5th, 2013

Happy April Everyone! I hope everyone survived April Fools Day a-okay. I tweeted early in the day about how I was going to be skeptical of everything that happened that day.

And, as usual, was made an April Fool. But, in my defense, it wasn't until about 11:17 pm that it happened. So close! Oh well, maybe next year? (Doubtful.) Oh and if you are curious what "got" me: Cruel HBO. Don't mess with Tyrion Lannister.

Beyond the foolery of the first day of the month, I challenged myself to do a bit of Spring Cleaning around my room. I'm very proud of myself for this people. I emptied out my closet of the items I no longer wear. I,
no joke, had items from junior high still floating around in there. (Point of note: I was a 7th grader 6 years ago.) In total, I had 65 empty hangers/ And now I have a well-organized and color-coded closet. Fingers crossed it stays this way. What happened to all my clothes, you ask? Well, I take them to a local consignment shop. I very much recommend!

The second Spring Cleaning I challenged myself with was my bathroom. Let's just say I had half-used, unidentifiable beauty products just chillin' on my counter and shelf. A bit of scrubbing, and a rather large garbage bag did the trick. Oofta, cleaned it out, spruced it up and reorganized.

And finally, (well, so far), my bedside stand. Now, all you book nerds will totally know where I'm coming from with the bedside stand thing. The stack, and I do mean, STACK, of books on my table was ridiculous. I was towering over at about 7 books at one point. Not safe at all. Plus, I put my sunglasses, extra pens for doing homework in bed, hair bands, empty Starbucks cups on it. Let's just say I was quite the
balancing act for this small table graciously given to me from my Grandmother. Now, I have my reading light, some candles, and two of my current reads.

So, this Fashion Friday, is an inspirational challenge. I challenge you to do a bit of Spring Cleaning! Don't make it a huge task. Just a little something-something once a day. Just throw on some good tunes, open up your blinds and freshen up your space. You want to welcome spring with open, and clean, arms, right?

To me, the following images just ooze springtime!

What is your favorite part of Spring cleaning? Anytime spring cleaning tips or tricks? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Yours xx

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