Fashion Friday: April 26th, 2013

(I'm writing this outside on my deck drinking green tea lemonade. Ahhh spring is here!)

I tried something new this week.

Yesterday, I took a picture on the hour ever hour. I've been loving reading other blogger's Photo an Hour Challenge so I just HAD to participate. There was nothing particularly exciting about yesterday, but it truly was a great day. Here, take a look for yourself:

7:00am: Every morning I read my Note from the Universe. Thursday's said:
"The question, Haley, that some might consider asking is, "Can others, doing what they're now doing, no matter what their motivation, no matter what our relationship, and no matter what they decided, keep me from being all I want to be?" And the answer is always, "Not in a million years." Whooohooo! -The Universe

8:00am: I'm obsessed with making smoothies lately! I use frozen fruit (strawberries), a banana, orange juice and oats (sometimes I add yogurt) blend it up in my magic bullet and BAM breakfast!

9:00am: Tuesday and Thursday mornings this semester I've had Graphic Design class. It has been one of my favorite class which makes the 8:00am start time not too horrific. We usually have a break and walk to the Student Center to get bagels and coffee. This morning I went with the tea. (I know, shocking!)

10:00am: Finishing up my final project for class. Obviously working hard... *wink wink*

11:00am: Meagan and I decided to mount our final projects so we went up to the studio. If you look close, you can see her working on the right hand side. 

12:00pm: Lunch time! In the Den aka cafeteria, they had fortune cookies. My fortune: "Try deviating from routine this weekend." So, I get my Starbucks on Sunday instead of Saturday?

1:00pm: I caught up on my Bloglovin reading, Facebook creeping and Twitter following..and my, unhealthy, obsession with Candy Crush!

Pants & Jacket: Old Navy; Shirt: Forever 21; Shoes: TOMS

2:00pm: Target run. Obviously no day is complete without one. Plus, they put out the summer/outdoor items now and it smells like summer in there! Love it!!

3:00pm: After shopping we got an afternoon pick-me-up from Starbucks. 

4:00pm: I was stuck at a red light. :)

5:00pm: Ummm, no one asked me about the new color choices for the Peanut M&Ms. 

6:00pm: Yes, that is a McWrap. And yes, it was McAwesome! (See what I did there? Ay? Ay?)

7:00pm: I made a batch of Iced Passion Tea for the weekend. 

7:00pm: I record Ellen everyday (and sometimes I even get to watch it)! Justin Timberlake was her guest so I spent an hour swooning over JT.

8:00pm: I have the greatest Mother in the entire world, for more reasons that just this, but, um, she brought me home a Thor sticker. Yep, it is going on my planner. 

9:00pm: We made trail mix. How delicious does this look?? 

10:00pm: One last social media check before bed. 

I had such a blast doing this so maybe, just maybe, I will do one once a month. Hope you enjoyed it!

Yours xx

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