Fashion Friday: April 19, 2013

As some of you may now, I love TOMS shoes. Love is not exactly the right word...So, this Fashion Friday, in honor of One Day Without Shoes that happened this week I thought I'd share with all of you my TOMS Story.

TOMS first walked into my life when I was starting college. I was about to embark on this terrifyingly exciting journey that would kick-start the rest of my life. I slipped on my first pair, Navy Classics, I might add, and with an extra kick in my step, thanks to those TOMS, I was off on my first day.

During the second semester of my freshman year, one of my close friends shared her TOMS story with me and ended with: “I’m doing a Style Your Sole party.” Words cannot describe the excitement and joy I had at this declaration! The party went off without a hitch and I decorated my first pair of TOMs: white classics with lavender and mint trim, inscribed on the inner foot the Pisces sign which just happens to be an H.

The next year, entering as a sophomore and now a well-bred, fully prepared student I began a two-week journey as a New Student Orientation leader. Let’s just say I wasn’t the only one wearing TOMS that first day. New Students greeted me like an old friend solely because of our shoes, and the commit we had both made to make a difference by joining the One for One Movement. Again, a Style Your Sole party was had on my campus that year. But this year, I stepped up the flair. I purchased a pair of Red Classics and added a pattern of swirls and loops in white paint diagonally across the top (these still happen to be my favorite pair; completely wore through to the sole of each shoe and my soul, as well).
Abbey Road in TOMS!
The summer between my sophomore and junior year was a summer of travel and self- development. I was off on an international literary tour with my fellow English major and literature nerds. Together, we spent 14 days in London, Bath, and Yorkshire, England. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and TOMs was, once again, there with me. Black Glitters, and those trusty Navy Classics were my best companions. We saw the world together.

Climbing mountains in TOMS with my friend, Bethany!
 The second half of my summer was spent as an Upward Bound Counselor. Upward Bound is a nation-wide program that helps first generation and under privileged high school students’ opportunities to see the benefits of going to college by placing them at a University to experience student life and gives them resources to succeed. These students, and this experience, have forever changed my life. While on our trip to Colorado, I climbed a mountain in my TOMS. Determination and a comfy pair of Cordones were all I needed to get to the top. Oh and encouragement from my fellow counselors!

My backpack for last year's One Day Without Shoes!
Junior year, well here I was an experienced, and well-traveled, student, one year from graduation and about to take on the most difficult year at college. I specifically remember the Day Without Shoes that year. My boss looked at me strange for about 10 minutes before I asked: “Would you like to know why I’m not wearing shoes in this 35 degree South Dakota weather?” Following the question, we had a conversation spanning an hour talking about TOMS, researching Day Without Shoes, and the One for One Movement which ended with her buying a pair for herself, her 3 year old daughter, and 1 year old son.

As a senior, I’m about to leave my place at Northern State University; I’m about to enter into the “real world” and again, I turn to my trusty friend: TOMS Shoes. I’ve written papers upon papers, stories upon stories, had discussion upon discussion, met people I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet and this is all because of TOMS. Throughout my college career, I’ve gone through friends, bad relationships, scary scenarios and 9 pairs of shoes, each one tells a story, but most importantly, each one is a part of my story.

Yours xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money and all opinions are mine. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're pretty.

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