Minneapolis Trip: Forever 21 Haul

Recently, I went on a trip with my friend, Anne, to have a sort of girls-weekend-day-trip type scenario-thing. Yeaahh. If you follow me on Twitter, you would've seen my lovely promise about my Forever 21 shopping excursion, and since I missed a Fashion Friday, I thought: HEY! Let's share about my lovely trip and all my fashionable purchases. I'm also going to be share with you my Keek's along the way (Don't mind my ridiculous nature in these lovely Keeks).

After finishing my nectar of the gods, and meeting up with Anne, we checked into our lovely hotel (pictured right) and ventured to shopping mecca aka Mall of America (here on referred to as MOA). Now, there are like a ba-gillion (actual mathematical term) stores in MOA but, one, ONE, is now two stories of affordable fashion goodness. What store am I talking about? Why, Forever 21, of course!

Here's what I gathered from my shopping experience at the new location:  4 tops, 3 necklaces, a dress, a jacket, and colored jeans. Now, my friends, feast your eyes... (Blazer in the first image is from Target, last year. And coral pants are from Old Navy. Other than that, all items are from Forever 21 and are available online/in store).

A tip I learned from my mother is to buy items for outfits or buy whole outfits. This little tip makes shopping a lot easier for me. Also, it helps me to justify purchasing items if I know how, and where, I will wear them. I still have items in my closet, even though recently I did a closet clean-out, that I've never wore solely because I had nothing to wear them with. So, take my mother's advice when shopping. I promise it will result in good things. 

Here are a couple more Keeks and images of my girls trip! Unbeknownst to us, Gloriana was playing in the Rotunda the evening we were there so, we listened to a bit of sound check, and then stopped back for their concert! Here's a clip from their sound check and my favorite song!

Anne and me, before the concert started. Oh! And how cool is this!? My tweet about the concert was on the jumbo screen in the MOA! Super neat. Plus, I got photo bombed by Barnes and Noble. :D

My sad face upon departure! :( But hey, I got some great stuff to remember it by!

Hope you're all having a great day!

Yours xx

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above was purchased with my own money and all opinions are mine. This is NOT a sponsored blog post. You're pretty.

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