What I Wore: Winter's Second Coming

 Remember how I said spring was on its way? Well, it took a detour. I was planning on sharing my spring outfits with you all but, um, they've taken sort of a winter-ish feel.

For this day, I attended class and meetings so I wanted to stay as casual and as comfortable as possible. This outfit consists of my personal favorites! I could wear my denim shirt everyday with my black stretchy skinny jeans from New York and Company.

 My white converse have been my favorite purchase! I wore them all the time during the fall, but I know I will wear them a lot during summer with dresses or shorts, as well.

 The classic Coke shirt? C'mon everyone's gotta own one.

The weather obviously took a turn later in the week. So I, unfortunately, had to pull out my winter jacket but, bright side, I got to wear my scarf!

 I knitted this scarf earlier in the season and I love the color and the weight. I'm been obsessed with thick, chunky knit scarves but I couldn't find the color I wanted, so I made it! Oh how crafty of me!

I adore ADORE my polka dot button up shirt from Target. It's going to one of my season favorites, for sure. And you can't go wrong with black boots and faded jeans.
 My schedule for this day was going to be hectic, to say the least. I wanted to look professional for my meetings but also spring to fight the weather blues.

 I wore my mint button-up shirt from JCP and my black cord pants from Sears. My flats are absolutely perfect for spring! I love the nude color and on the back there is gold hardware.

My bib necklace is from a boutique  that was found buried under not-so-awesome necklaces. It is multi-colored beads. It accented the mint perfectly, without over shadowing it!

The final look (I actually stole the image from a video of mine so excuse the selfie) was for the launch party of my universities Northern Lights E-Zine which I was this year's Editor in Chief! Very exciting stuff!!

 I wore a red top from New York and Company, my leather jacket, which if you've seen me in the last three weeks, chances are good I was wearing this. I paired it with black dress pants and black flats.

Weather wise...we still haven't cleared up. In fact, we are rocking 11 inches of snow. Yeah, snow in April. Who would've thought? Fashion wise... is it time for me to wear my sandals yet?  Hope you all are having a great week!

Yours xx

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