Fight for Spring

My excuse for missing last Fashion Friday: I was traveling and, of course, shopping!! A huge haul from Forever 21 happened that I, of course, will share with you.

In light of that, I will share with you these Throwback Thursday gems with you.

From dishes to T.V. relaxing, the use of stripes and polka dots accurately accessorized with the pink baseball cap made for an excellent day around the house. And yes, that is a peplum top. I was quite the fashionista at a young age, which is particularly evident by the next two photos.

 Nothing says fashion like a Pochantas shirt and sneaks or a button-up denim skirt with a tucked in oxford decorated with mini-horse. And those socks... c'mon...
beautiful. And if you really want to do this look now, here's the links you'll need: Pochantas Tee & Denim skirt.

The title of this post is not Throwback Thursday so let's get down to business...

Spring has (slightly) sprung. Earlier this week I did my best to encourage it! I wore this red flower button up (found here) which I opted to wear straight, no tie. And accessorized this green bib necklace that reminded me so much of leaves for the flowers (found here). Now seeing as it was not actually spring, I did wear plain skinny jeans and black leather jacket.

I hope you all have had a lovely week and I'll see you tomorrow!

Yours xx

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