Fashion Friday: March 8th, 2013

Hello fashionable friends!

First, I'd like to recommend a book. (Yeah, I know very shocking as a book nerd I'm recommending a book.) I'm loving reading Nina Garcia's "The Little Black Book of Style." It was released in 2007 so obviously you can get it quite cheap on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, which I did. Let's just say you won't regret this purchase if you are the least bit obsessed with a) Project Runway b) Nina Garcia or c) fashion. Her author's note alone is reason to read it. Plus, throughout the book, as well as giving great advice on Inspirations, Being Your own Muse, and What to Wear When...., there are strategically placed gems of knowledge or inspiration from the Fashion greats! So, after you're done reading this go to your bookstore and get it. You can thank me later.

Yours xx

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