Fashion Friday: March 15, 2013

Does anyone have the time?

Besides all of these gorgeous (and quirky) watches,I mean, really: Does anyone have the time? I heard recently that what you do in your free time, or leisure time, can be what defines you. I think what you make time for in your life, both positive and negative things, define you. Allowing a negative thought take up space in your mind can define how you are. Why do we allow negative thoughts the staying power they have?  And in the opposite way, why is a positive thought just a fleeting memory? Allow yourself only positive thoughts and time for things that only create a better YOU! Because that's what life is all about, right? Creating the best you.

Don't forget to enjoy yourself, wear floral shoes, a smile and a glass of champagne. Oh, and stop and smell the flowers! (Thanks, Mariah for the birthday flowers!)

Yours xx

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