Fashion Friday: February 22, 2013

If fashion is the armor to survive everyday life then the accessories to any outfit are the swords used to slay each day. And this week's Fashion Friday is entirely dedication to them!

Turquoise and Gold. I love the larger beaded necklace paired with the two simple gold  necklaces. I like the layered necklace look!

How fun are these kicks! 

Oh I'm sure this has something to do with accessories or it is just a cute baby in a penguin costume.
This week was long. Me several times this week after waking up! Biiiiig Lion Yawn!

Oh how I wish my closet looked like this!

Rose Gold watch. Perfect for any occasion and outfit!

Neat re-purposed earring holder!

I love her bracelets! Love the layered look!
I am obsessed with this Celine bag!

Really like it in Black and White!

My birthday is coming up soon. Anyone??

Polka dots and simple black and white bracelets. Adorable!
See you tomorrow!! :)

Yours xx

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