A Day for Fashion Lovers

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Today is a day dedicated to love, so I'm posting outfits I love (and maybe they would be great if you had plans for tonight??) plus, my interpretation of an outfit I posted last Fashion Friday and obviously, L-O-V-E!

I'm loving this sparkly, champagne boutique dress! I've added teardrop earrings to dress it up, but it can be easily paired with a denim jacket to keep it casual.

Dress: Boutique find
Earrings: Target

 I'm obsessed with this print. I did buy this dress during summertime, scored it on clearance (WOO!), but added a denim jackets and gold earrings. I'd call it a hit for any occasion!

Last week for Fashion Friday I posted this picture. I love the all black clothing with a colorful statement scarf. I loved it so much I thought what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day by interpreting an outfit I loved with items I own, and love. WOO, love.

Sooooo, I grabbed my black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, my favorite boots, and my Valentine's scarf. I think it turned out pretty great if you ask me!

Have a great holiday everyone! Happy Valentine's! Oh and don't forget to love yourself today too!

Yours x

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